#19 week Urban vibes!!

WHOOP WHOOP!! It's our last week with Summer online training program! Next week we will be starting new August program!! Bookings are now open for August!  Whole month same schedule, PLUS EXTRA CLASSES HAPPENING DURING THE MONTH!  Taking your Online training to the next level. One month goal for every class, deepen your learning and keep on dancing! Do it as a course or drop in. August Membership is on sale only till 9th of August. You can book them already! Create your own Members page, book your classes for whole month and you can manage them through your own site! All the class link will be in your own site!! Also next week will be our Celebration week!! Lots of FUN STUFF happening!! Keep

#18 week Latin Madness!!

July is soon ending and as much as lockdown also starts to more easy up, I felt it´s time to plan the next steps on our Online Live classes. Now for these last two weeks in July we will have last weeks with Summer Online Training Program and after that I will launch a new August program. Classes will continue and I hope I will see you in there!  Thanks for all Members for lovely chats we have had last weeks! It is so amazing to get to know you all better! If you haven't had a catch up call with me please book it soon :) You can do it in here: https://www.piritatuisku.com/bookings-checkout/montly-catch-up-call-for-memberships Next week we will have a LATIN THEME week. In all classes latin

#17 week ENERGY WEEK | SISU Dance performance Online

Technic week behind and it was great week of diving deeper in all dance styles! Thanks for all who came along and have also been with us through the recordings! I have truly loved all the questions during the classes! Thanks guys!! Keep on going! Remember there is never a bad questions to ask! :) For our next week theme is ENERGY, how to get some more positive energy through the classes. I am hoping to bring the sunshine through every class. This is truly my goal from the start, but for this week we will get some more energy boost. Giving you guys extra energy to go forward what ever you have for last weeks in this lovely July! We have theme in classes which I hope will bring the sunshine m

#16 week Online Live Classes 6-12.7.2020 Technic week

A NEW EXCITING WEEK AHEAD!! New week about to start and I am so excited for this new week!! We will have something new for this July!! One week where all the dance classes are focusing on the technical elements as well and classes are mostly 1,5 H long. Building more the tools for you all to get more confident in the classes. Exciting week ahead!! Also I just want to thank you all who have showed interest for the Get Your Groove Back Challenges! 6 weeks 1 to 1 coaching towards your goals and doing classes in my new APP!! We already have 6 Founding Members signed up!! Other calls I still have next week. If you missed the application and are still interested get in touch with me quickly! If

Challenge sign up closes in 24 H!!

On Monday I revealed information about my Get Your Groove Back challenges to achieve Dancing To Your Own Beat!. And have to say I am so happy of the huge interest. I also have now first Founding Members signed up!! And only few more call time available!! So If you got interested, fill in this quick form and book the Groovy Call time with me!! I will close the application process in 24 H!!! https://piritatuisku.typeform.com/to/wCehopRl AND WHAT IS AMAZING IS THAT THIS CHALLENGES WILL HAPPEN IN TWO LANGUAGE!! In English and in Finnish!! Below I have most often asked question and some key in formation: Who is it for? I am looking for 10 Busy Bees who are tired of trying to balance work and trai

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