#32th week, HALLOWEEN WEEK!

SOME GREAT NEWS!!! BECAUSE IT´S END OF THE MONTH & OVER 6 MONTHS WITH ONLINE LIVE CLASSES. I am starting a new PODCAST! Our Dance Journeys Podcast! Once a month one committed DANCE LOVER from my classes will come and tell their journey. How they started their dance journey and what they have learned. First guest will be Hannah Norfolk "Stepping out from my comfort zone." 5 pm UK Live Podcast will be in my Facebook page @PiritaT You can come and ask questions as well! Lets have our community together! Are you ready for Halloween? On Saturday class let's dress up and have our won halloween party! Have a look below our whole week schedule. DON´T FORGET! LAST WEEK FOR #inspiringothers! What this

#31th week Second week from Autumn block

30th week was great!! Thanks for all that came along!! The winner you won the earrings from this Celebration week was Eleni, Milena and Jenny C. Congrats!! Thanks also for the feedback that I have been getting last week! It is inspiring to hear from you guys and how things are going! It inpisres me to continue to keep on creating more thing for you all! So thank you all for this!! Here few lovely messages I have got during the weekend -> Now going towards the second week for this Autumn block! In this week Changing class will be Ballet Barre and I have added a new class for Wednesday 7.05 pm Reggaeton!! :D YAY!!! Did you missed the first Contemporary dance class? If yes, don't worry just em

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