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Bridge -mentoring & training program

Call out for emerging dancers / movement artist for summer 2024!

Applications are now open for NEW mentoring & training course for summer 2024! 

If you are thinking this might be for you, apply below with easy applications. It will ask you few questions to see if this is for you. Pirita will get in touch with you after the application.

This first group will only have 6 places. All will be founding members and will get the course -60 %

All will happen online, that you can do it anywhere you are. 


We will be having once a week online live creative - conversation session. Otherwise the full structure of your course will be done according what are your goals. There is also possibility to do classes and physical training alonside with your course structure. If you will be chosen for the group, Pirita will have start up chat with you where the whole course structure will be finalized. It can be mixture of physical training to creative task sessions to more writing tasks. 


Applications will be closed on 26th of June 2024

Course will start 3rd of June 2024

Main parts will end 28th of July 2024 
In August few weeks 1-2-1 times with Pirita to reflect and plan for next steps.

Click below to do the quick application.

If you have any questions don´t hesitate to get in touch : 

Below experience from Valeria : 


"The more I reflect on my dance journey, the more I realise that my passion for dance has always been there but I did not know how to listen to it. Dance came to knock at my door many times when I was a child and then a teenager and I let it in each time. But I was not confident and motivated enough to face the challenges that dance was bringing up to the surface so I would always shut the door after some time. I needed lockdown to happen and an incredibly talented dance artist, such as Pirita, to challenge me on whether I wanted to get my groove back. I thought of giving myself a go and it is unbelievable how my life has changed in less than four years, thanks to the support and work done with Pirita. I know I would not have walked such an interesting, inspiring and fun path without Pirita and the dance friends I met through Pirita's program. 

I would highly recommend working with Pirita because you can never get bored on her high-energy classes where she shares different dance styles and a wide range of movement vocabulary. Besides this, Pirita is an amazing coach and choreographic mentor who has experience working in dance theatre settings, blending movement with spoken word. If I were you, I would sign up for her program straight away. Let yourself dance it out and enjoy every step along the way."


Info video
arriving soon!

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