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The One Couple Show by Thabo Mokolobate and Pirita Tuisku


It is not a one woman show.

It is not a one man show.

It is The One Couple Show.


A Collage of works, how Dance and Poetry thee wed.


The storyline is like from a romantic film. Two artists bring to you their personal story with its ups and downs about starting a new life in another country living as artists.

Pirita is a dance artist from Finland, she works with movement and storytelling. Thabo is a spoken word artist from South Africa, he works with music and poetry. Both artists have built a home in Scotland. Coming from different cultures and practices they will be bringing to you the journey of how Dance & Poetry met. 


Will you be the next one joining this storyline? Come and see this unique Dance-Poetry-Music collage!

Meet the Team : 

Concept, Dancer-performer & Choreographer: Pirita Tuisku
Pirita Tuisku is a Finnish Dance artist living in Scotland. She has been working as a Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher in Finland, Scotland, South Africa and Hong Kong. Versatile artist has already over 17 years of experience working in different fields in dance. Her passion is to create work that will engage with audience, emerge with different art forms and bring alive topics from daily life. She gets inspired working in a diverse collaboration with curious and open mindset. Her own curiosity is about how she can push her own boundaries as mover. And also on the other hand she has always been interested about other cultures and how that is affecting our dancing. Time outside from dance Pirita has passion in upcycling Jewelry making and working as an Aerial yoga coach. 

Concept, Writer-performer & Poet : Thabo Mokolobate

Thabo Mokolobate is an Edinburgh based South African lyricist passionate about the infinite power of Poetry. The Sensei ,as he is widely known is a Performer, and Spoken Word Artist. He has won several slam poetry competitions and has performed in several poetry events, his work has been published in the New Dawn Anthology.

Mokolobate is co-producer of The Revelation Live Music, Poetry & Dance, a show performed by South African artists from different practices depicting the lives of workers separated from their loved ones by Johannesburg’s labour economy. More recently he has undertaken more collaborative performance work in Scotland, particularly with dance artist Pirita Tuisku titled Beautiful Chaos 2.0.His prolific ability stretches back to the start of the mid millennium, and often steps out the idea of conventional poetry. 

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