Get Your Groove Back Challenge!

Are you living busy lifestyle and want to find your groove back?

Are you a Busy Bee? 

Do you want to get more confident with you dancing? 

->How are you supposed to find your groove back if you don´t have enough time?

->Is it actually possible to learn more about dancing without spending 1000 hours & £ in dance studios?! 

->How do you find the TIME to get confident in your dancing, 
if you are student, parent,  have a work that takes a lot of time or all those together?

->Why's it so nerve-racking to ‘ participate on different classes ?

->Can you really get your Groove back  without feeling embarrassed? 

->What level should you start to get the best results for you ?

->What about my time, how can I fit everything in to also realize the results?

If any (or all) of the above questions run through your head… day after day… I might be able to help.


Hey, it's Pirita here… 

And, while I don't claim to know it all, I have helped many people like you in different countries as well to transform their way of seeing themselves as a dance enthusiasts and finding the way to keep on dancing. All of these years by learning from my dancers I have now created a sustainable step by step action plan. Were you will  call yourself DANCE LOVERS! Why? Because we love dancing! 

And don´t forget…

I am in your shoes as well..

As a dancer I have been training with so many styles and so often felt I can't find my place or things that works for my body after being injured, hard to combine all the work and own training as well. 

I'd take a step forward only to take three more back. Some moments I felt that I was drowning in  spending my really valuable time in wrong classes or places. Things that didn't work for me, felt perhaps the teachers were not really interested to keep me going forward. Losing motivation to my own training. Not not even thinking of how much money I spend. Also if you have had a break of training how to get back in track again.

Anyways, if that's kinda how you feel right now...

Let me give you a road map, so that you stop hitting dead ends or getting lost on back roads, and instead take the fast lane to a Getting Your Groove Back and  that you can be proud of yourself by doing it.


July I revealed information about my Get Your Groove Back challenges to achieve Dancing To Your Own Beat!.


The response was AMAZING. We got 7 ladies to got though the challenge and they are still continuing with me! 

YOU can read more from our weeks in the blog as well.

7 days LEFT TO SECURE YOUR SPOT!! Time is running out to grab your spot on the GET YOUR GROOVE BACK CHALLENGE! 


So here’s what’s going to happen…


I am looking for 10 Busy Bees who are tired of trying to balance work and training  and are ready to take back control.


On  5th of October ,  will start working closely with me to Getting Their Groove Back. I will not let you fail. 

Does that sound exciting to you?


Would you LOVE to stop stressing about finding the time and start taking the right steps towards FINALLY achieving balance between work, social life and training/dancing?


Those 10 will became SECOND group  and they will get all of this: 


✅ GET YOUR GROOVE BACK CHALLENGE so that you will be working towards YOUR GOALS with me!


👉 The Challenge follows the DANCE2 method, which is a unique system to achieve finding your Groove Back. Two different practices, tools & foundations, learning and getting good exercise and  at least twice a week.


✅  Bonus #1 Weekly Coaching calls to personalise your plan and keeping you on track.


✅ Bonus #2 Weekly chancing extra dance class from different styles, to help you to build up your dance toolbox. PLUS Body & Mind 20 min workout classes for strengthening and opening that hard working body and mind.


✅ Bonus #3 Being part of our Facebook Group “ There are no mistakes, only good solos”. To help you to stay in track, all supporting each other to not quitting before you see results. AND THE GROUPS OWN WHATSAPP GROUP!


✅  Bonus #4 Your Own App to Dance Anywhere and Any Time!

✅  Bonus #5 Chance to continue with Master Membership!


The best part is, you will get all of this for a huge discount as second group!!



And I’ve had a BUNCH of questions, so I wanna cover some important stuff real quick...


If you are still sitting on the fence, here is what you need to know...


👉 When does it start?

✅ On 5th of October 2020 , 10 BUSY BEES for GET YOUR GROOVE BACK CHALLENGE will kick off their journey working closely with me to GETTING THEIR GROOVE BACK withOUT spending 1 00 hours and money in the dance studios. 


👉 Who is it for?

✅ The program is specifically designed to put an end not feeling confident in your own dancing style. It’s designed for people who’ve tried classes, vidoes, dance fitness classes and still haven’t been able to find the best that works for them and for their schedule.


👉 What’s included?

✅ You’ll get 6 weeks of classes and coaching to get Your Groove back, with a big discount!!



👉 I don't know if I have enough time now?

✅ Isn't this been the key problem, that's why this is the best time to start it now. You will see how it will work around your schedule now. Key element in this challenges is to work on that time balancing. 

Read more from the first group journey: Groove Back Blog posts

So one more time, here is what I’m proposing:

So I had this crazy idea to build a step by step plan guide you from  starting your dance training to finding your Groove Back in 6 weeks!

No fluff. No messing around, just a simple plan to take you from where you are now and how to you feel now with your dancing to being confident and strong  in your own body and mind.


If you are interested in claiming one of the spot, Click here to this application form and book your Groovy Call with me. 
We will see if this could work for your goals.


Dancing with you:

Pirita Tuisku

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