New work

January 2021 Pirita is working with Thabo Mokolobate from South Africa on a research for a new work idea. 

This research is supported by Creative Scotland and Dance Base. 

As Covid-19 pandemic is still affecting everyones lives , especially artists. Pirita and Thabo are looking now into a ways how to sustain their practices. And also looking into ways how we can engage with the audience through online platforms.

From this research Pirita will be updating and sharing her experiences in her blog later on January. 

Part of this research Pirita and Thabo have set up a Social Distance engagement Survey. 
Gathering experiences from this pandemic time and creating new ways in performance art to engage with the audience. 

The survey will be open till the end of January 2021. 

"We would love to hear your experiences, this will help us move forward in the research. And we would like to invite you to be part of this research." 

They will be having weekly sharing via online as well in February. To get involved, fill up the survey and be part of this journey with Pirita and Thabo.