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7th online live class schedule

7th week starting with online live classes and really looking forward a new week. Here is little bit more about the schedule and the class plans, hope to see you the classes!

I am recommending to book advance, so you all all set for that day. Bookings will close 5 min before the class starts.

All classes suit for all levels from youth dancers to adults.

Wednesday 6.5.2020

17.00 UK Contemporary class

60 min full release based technical exercises and learning short new choreo.

Thursday 7.5.2020

17.00 UK Latin fusion

We will dive again more to Bachata and Samba.

Friday 8.5.2020

17.00 UK Musical dance goes again Eurovision!!

We had great party last week, excited to repeat and dive it into further to all tunes!!

Saturday 9.5.2020 Special day!!!!

11.00 UK Body & Mind

More getting inpired form pilates.

16.00 UK Street Styles visit Beyoncé!!

And after that have a blast with special dance fitness party class 17.15 UK for 45 min!! Get party vibes on and also good workout!!

Sunday 10.5.2020

Double Reggaeton class! Every week we will have a different choreo!!

Notice also the new Membership!

You can still continue to book the individual classes as usually as a one of bookings. All classes still run Free or pay as you wish mentality as long as we are in this lockdown.

Also a new Membership is added to the page.

You can sign up as a site Member now and get this month (May) for free. From June on the plan is to get this membership for £10 for month, possibility to cancel on any time and come back when you feel like it.

After this May you can choose you do want to continue as a site paid Membership or just keep the member site on for one of booking.

And please remember even if this lockdown still continues till over summer and your work in cancelled, just contact me and we will get you the membership.

Dance and Movement is medicine and we just need to keep on going forward.

Note the members get to access also the our site own App and manage your booking easier though that as well have a quick conversations with me as well see all the benefits!

if you open his through your phone you should already get the request to sign up, but here is also the link for the app:

Membership includes:

-All the week online classes.

-Class recordings that chance every week.

-1 Member class a month Dance and exercise. -4 Online dance and exercise videos, chances every month.

-Monthly events on special prices.

You can see the site member sign up on the right side on the page. Just great your own member page and get started for this week!

Lets have a great week!!

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