Challenge sign up closes in 24 H!!

July 2, 2020



On Monday I revealed information about my Get Your Groove Back challenges to achieve Dancing To Your Own Beat!.


And have to say I am so happy of the huge interest. I also have now first Founding Members signed up!! And only few more call time available!! 

So If you got interested, fill in this quick form and book the Groovy Call time with me!! I will close the application process in 24 H!!!








Below I have most often asked question and some key in formation:




Who is it for?


I am looking for 10 Busy Bees who are tired of trying to balance work and training  and are ready to take back control.


Perhaps who are one of them: 

-Who has danced before, but loosing sometimes to motivation to get it part of your weekly schedule? 


-Hard to find time for everything? 


-Now doing drops in classes, feeling like you get sometimes lost in the moves? 


-You want to be more confident of doing any class you want, also when studios open? 


-You want to learn more and do more structured training? 

-Dancing more and having a personal coach next to you through your journey? 

-Finding a long term chances? 

-Thinking could dance per somehow part of your as well?


If you answered yes one or all, this is for you! Take your dancing into next level and have fun by doing it! 

Would you LOVE to stop stressing about finding the time and start taking the right steps towards FINALLY achieving balance between work, social life and training/dancing?


I am going to reveal my secrets what I have learned on my own dance training and teaching through the last 15 years and even longer time that I have been dancing. I could also answer yes all questions above And I really want to help to achieve your goals as well! 




When this starts? 


We will start on 27th of July and it goes till 3rd of September. 

6 weeks a structured training according your schedule. 



What it includes? 


Those 10 will became my Founding Members and they will get all of this: 


✅ GET YOUR GROOVE BACK CHALLENGE so that you will be working towards YOUR GOALS with me!

👉 The Challenge follows the DANCE2 method, which is a unique system to achieve finding your Groove Back. Two different practices, tools & foundations, learning and getting good exercise and  at least twice a week.


✅  Bonus