#16 week Online Live Classes 6-12.7.2020 Technic week

July 5, 2020




New week about to start and I am so excited for this new week!!


We will have something new for this July!! One week where all the dance classes are focusing on the technical elements as well and classes are mostly 1,5 H long.  Building more the tools for you all to get more confident in the classes. Exciting week ahead!! 


Also I just want to thank you all who have showed interest for the Get Your Groove Back Challenges! 6 weeks 1 to 1 coaching towards your goals and doing classes in my new APP!! We already have 6 Founding Members signed up!! Other calls I still have next week. 
If you missed the application and are still interested get in touch with me quickly! 


If you have had the Membership, you will get a reminder email when it expires. And you can renew the next month. For last month I have up graded my Vimeo platform, so that you will always get the videos in the next day there from all the classes and they will be there 1 month at the time. But For now also on July, I will still keep all from June int there for you to use!! :) 


If you are a Member please book your Catch up call time: https://www.piritatuisku.com/bookings-checkout/montly-catch-up-call-for-memberships/book


Don't forget the individual bookings. You can just book the drop in session when you can do it. For this week 1,5 H class are £7. 1 H classes £5. 


Thank you for joining the classes and supporting my work! I feel so grateful to go through this journey with you all. Thank you! <3



Techic week!! 



Book your classes here: https://www.piritatuisku.com/book-online