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Tam'O Shanter for Neu! Reekie! January 2017 With Kevin Williamson
Pictures by Kat Gollock

To Drown -new project

To Drown

New project

Solo My road is part of this project


pictures by Tiina Sihto

Shhh picture by Tiina Sihto

Freedom picture by Tiina Sihto

Off Balance 2016

Contemporary dance performance 

60 min

Choreograph by Pirita Tuisku

Dancers Cross Move Company contemporary dance performance groups adults and young adults.

"Earth, Atmosphere, Pollution, You did it, Trash everywhere, stop buying, busy life, roles, stress, chaos. Balance of life. 

Happy Ambassador 2015                                                                                     Vappu, Juhannus,Uusi Vuosi 2015

Choreograph by Pirita Tuisku                                                                               Choreagraph by Pirita Tuisku

Based on children book Happy Ambassador, written by Titta Kote                     Dancers Cross Move Company´s Contemporary groups 

Dancers Cross Move Company´s Contemporary performance                            Band 5 / 5 
groups from 6 years to 13 years.                                                                          Animation Leevi Lehtinen

Performance for children.                                                                                     Dive into Finnish celebration days. 

I started teaching 2005 and have worked with all age students. 

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