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Drown -Solo dance performance

Solo performance title: Drown

Performed by Pirita Tuisku 

Performance sound design by Barney Strachan


"Breathe, cannot breathe, breathe, cannot breathe. What happen to me?" 

Drown is journey into human experience of losing someone close. The loss of a friend to disease or moving far away. How the changes make people to get lost in a strong emotions and self change? How does all this effect on us and our body? How we Drown and how we get up? 

With this work Pirita wanted to find a way to explore how contemporary dance can merge with Street dance elements. 


"The idea behind Drown -piece is to find a different way to open discussion of loosing close once. After I lost my best friend for cancer, I felt I was drowning and same time saying to everyone I am okay. This part of my life made me more wanting to dive into this feeling. 2015 I came to Edinburgh to do a residency for this residency at Dance Base. First days I was doing interviews in town and collecting peoples stories of loosing close once. These stories I started the research how to tell this story through Contemporary dance merging with street dance element. I have had pleasure to perform this solo now for 3 years. Every performance I hope audience members will get from it what they need and reminding everyone no one is alone with these feelings." -Pirita Tuisku

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