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Beautiful Chaos 2.0

Beautiful Chaos 2.0 -Previews happen this May 2023!!

By Pirita Tuisku & Thabo Mokolobate 

Combining friendship and unexpected shifts in cultural identities using Film, Dance and Spoken word. The audience is roped into an unforgettable journey into the heart and soul of diversity.

What happens when two people from different countries, cultures and practices meet and start a journey of learning from each other? 

The work that has started 2019 and has been on hold during the pandemic. Now finally having the previews and working with BSL interpreter. 

While now previewing this work , we are looking forward to hearing your experiences. This is why we are hosting two meet the artist chats / Q&A session on Saturday, and there will be a place to leave your thoughts. 

Join us and experience the Beautiful Chaos!

Duration: 45 min ( Meet the artist chat approx. 15 min)

Previews :
Friday 19  May 2023 ,  7 pm  +Meet the artist chat / Q&A

Saturday 20 May 2023 , 2 pm  +Meet the artist chat / Q&A

Saturday 20 May 2023 , 7 pm  with BSL +Meet the artist chat / Q&A

Assembly Roxy
2 Roxburgh 
Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9SU 


Bar and the doors will open 15 min before the performance time, will also be open after the performance.


Beautiful chaos 2.0.PNG

Meet the Team : 

Dancer-performer & co-creator : Pirita Tuisku
Pirita Tuisku is a Finnish Dance artist living in Scotland. She has been working as a Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher in Finland, Scotland, South Africa and Hong Kong. Versatile artist has already over 17 years of experience working in different fields in dance. Her passion is to create work that will engage with audience, emerge with different art forms and bring alive topics from daily life. She gets inspired working in a diverse collaboration with curious and open mindset. Her own curiosity is about how she can push her own boundaries as mover. And also on the other hand she has always been interested about other cultures and how that is affecting our dancing. Time outside from dance Pirita has passion in upcycling Jewelry making and working as an Aerial yoga coach. 

Poet-performer & co-creator : Thabo Mokolobate

Thabo Mokolobate is South African lyricist passionate about the infinite power of Poetry .

The Sensei ,as he is widely known is a Writer ,Performer, and Spoken Word Artist, began

 writing to his father who was in prison at that time as a way to reflect life on the outside world .  

He is The Revelation Live Music , Poetry & Dance project leader since 2021, it is a 

 show is performed by South African artists from different practices reflecting the lives of workers 

separated from their loved ones by the opportunity to pursue work, and other economic interest.  

Thabo writes about various subject matter, behaviour and belief through the lens of ordinary citizens,

his prolific ability stretches back to the start of the mid millennium, and often steps out the idea of conventional poetry. 

Stage Manager & Outside eye support : Lucy May Wilson

Lucy May is a stage manager and dance artist based in Scotland. After training at the Edinburgh Stage Management School in 2018/19, she went on to work in roles such as touring SM, theatre ASM and festival DSM with companies and theatres across Scotland such as Dundee Rep Theatre, Tron Theatre, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre. Lucy also has experience in performing and community engagement, having worked as a Dance Artist in various roles since 2012. This experience has helped inform Lucy’s role as a stage manager in dance and sparked her interest in movement direction in future work. This will be Lucy’s second time working with Pirita and Thabo after stage managing their work “Hallowed Walls” in 2021.

• What are you finding interesting in the Beautiful Chaos 2.0 project so far?

It’s been great to be in the room and get to know the ins and outs of Beautiful Chaos. Thabo and Pirita bring a balance of spoken word and dance to the performance and it’s been lovely to see it develop and unfold in the rehearsal room. I’ve found myself on a journey when watching Beautiful chaos, inspired by Thabo’s words, Pirita’s movement and their connection that strengthens throughout the piece. 

Sound design : Nik Paget-Tomlinson

Nik Paget-Tomlinson is a musician, composer and sound designer, creating work for theatre, dance and film. Nik has worked with a range of theatre and dance companies including Citizens Theatre, Grid Iron, National Theatre of Scotland, Royal Lyceum, Curious Seed, and Imaginate.

Credits include: Moonset (Citizens Theatre), Wickies: The Vanishing Men of Eilean Mor (Park Theatre) Rocket Post (Constellation Points) Doppler (Grid Iron Theatre Company) Niqabi Ninja (Independent Arts Projects) Revolution Days (Bijli Productions), Mixed Up (Imaginate and Starcatchers) Vent (SYT National Ensemble) Chronicles (National Theatre of Scotland/Project X/Thulani Rachia) Drift (Vision Mechanics)

To find out more please visit

• What are you finding interesting in the Beautiful Chaos 2.0 project so far?
I have found the process of fusing the many distinctive elements of this project particularly interesting. In order to create the sound and music to accompany a story told from different perspectives I have utilised audio gathered from diverse locations including the west coast of Scotland, Sri Lanka and London. This combined with the assortment of artforms; movement, dance, spoken word, beatboxing and video imagery has been a particularly engaging process.

BSL interpreter performer: Benedetta Zanetti 

Benedetta Zanetti Benedetta Zanetti, usually known as “Benny”, is an actor and writer coming from northern Italy. She graduated in July 2021 from the BA Performance in BSL and English at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and has recently completed a Masters degree in acting on the MA Classical and Contemporary Text at the RCS. Having become Deaf in her early childhood, she speaks fluently Italian, English and some Spanish and signs fluently BSL (British Sign Language) and LIS (Italian Sign Language). Other than being an actor and performer, she has recently started writing and directing for film: at the moments she’s in pre-production of the first short movie she has both written and directed, Look At Me. Benedetta loves dancing, writing poems and hiking, prefearably on her own.


• What are you finding interesting in the Beautiful Chaos 2.0 project so far?
"I’m finding really interesting to find the balance between providing access (mostly related to the spoken word bits in the performance) and stepping away when the rhythms and the physicality are so clear and visual that you don’t need any interpretation." 

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