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on December 2023
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Week seven and I've learned to love dancing again! I haven't moved like this in years and mind as well body is wondering what on earth is happening. Love love love that all techniques are for all levels and easy to catch up when ever I drop a beat and go bonkers with my feet. An hour goes by quickly and takes mind of everything else going on.



Pirita you are just an amazing human being and such a passionated dancer! Found you through the dance base and can't wait to meet you in person during a "real class"! I love the way you are explaining the moves so it is so easy to visualise it! Such a good vibe and positive energy! with every class I am discovering new styles and movements! I love all the little challanges and treasures! Particulary I am enjoying the musical dance, fitness friday disco and body& mind classes! With every class I feel I am more self- aware about my body, becoming better with my balancing skills and practising dancing moves. As I always loved dancing just never has been too patient when it comes to the step! With Pirita and the way she is doing the classes I am challenging myself and enjoying patiently learning new moves! I can't belive it I shared your classes with some many people and praised you but never managed to write a review in here! THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH AN INSPIRING PERSON! SHARING YOUR PASSION TO DANCE! all the best!



Hi Pirita! Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying all your classes :) I was doing pretty well at the start of lockdown with keeping motivated to exercise, but I had got a bit bored and lazy until I found out about your classes through Dancebase. It's been a REALLY long time since I did dancing more than once a week and I am absolutely loving it! Doing it from home actually makes it easier in a way as there's no travel after work so I can make it to classes that I wouldn't manage in person, plus I'm trying styles I probably would have been too shy to try otherwise. Thank you so much for your time and energy and good vibes! :)


The teacher has fantastic positive energy and makes the whole experience enjoyable and fun (Which is not always the case with dance teachers!). I also feel like my dancing is improving each week. The dances are fun and I love the music.



 I love your classes. Your so knowledgable and demonstrate moves breaking things down and practice the tricky bits more. Build each choreograph until before we know it , we have learnt a new dance ! You choose a variety of music, different speeds to practice and different vibes ( mostly those you can party too, some get funky, some that follow a theme) my particular favourite was the last super saturday. You are the Mr Miagi of the dance world, by the time we finish the warm up we have already secretly learnt some steps and some of a new dance. You always lead us through some stretches also to help keep safe while dancing. You always bring positive vibes and laughs which is awesome. Thank you and I appreciate you very much. 

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