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Book Online classes

Welcome to booking site! 

Through the booking site your can pay when you sign up. If you wish to pay to my account UK or FI, choose the pay as person. You will get then information for the bank transfer. 

Booking options: 


Book classes individually and participate on the Online Live class times. Normally £ 7 for a class. 

2. Sign up for the MEMBERSHIP 

How to get it:

Click this link and buy your monthly membership.


-Unlimited weekly online live classes.
-ON DEMAND classes over 70 each month!!  This the link for the folder:

You get the passwords, when you buy the Membership.


4-7 classes
a week!
Online Program
Over 2 Year!

*Classes run weekly.

*Classes run through Zoom. 

*Booking are open until 5 min before the class starts.
*I ask people to arrive on the waiting room at least 5 min before the class   starts. I recommend to book advance.

  If there is any issues contact me :

*After booking you will get a confirmation email with the link.


New Term starting on 30th of January 2023!