*Classes run weekly, every Sunday you will see the next week´s schedule.

*Classes run through Zoom. 

*Booking are open until 5 min before the class starts.
*I ask people to arrive on the waiting room at least 5 min before the class   starts. I recommend to book advance.

  If there is any issues contact me : pirita.tuisku@hotmail.com

*After booking you will get a confirmation email with the link.


Classes run pay as you wish mentality. Suggested class payment is £5. 
You can do it through the link below. If you wish to make a bank transfer and get receipt, just get in contact with pirita.tuisku@hotmail.com.

If you are not able to make the payment, don't worry, Most important thing is to participate and keep on going.

Book Online classes

Welcome to booking site! 

I am running weekly Online live classes, hoping this will bring something new for your weeks and keeps you going. Movement is the medicine!

You can now choose two booking options: 


Book classes individually and participate on the Online Live class times. 

2. Sign up for the MEMBERSHIP 

How to get it:

Click this link and buy your monthly membership.

It goes on monthly basis, £ 10 for a month. You can always renew it or not. You are in charge on it.


-All weekly online live classes.
-Online Live Class recordings. 
-Online 30 min Class videos (dance & workout )

-Members class 1 each month. 

-Events for special prices. 

-20% discount for PiritaTuisku Design jewelery

Instructions for the booking system:


  • Released based contemporary dance class.


    1 hr

    Free/Pay as you wish

  • This week we will have Jive & Rumba.


    1 hr

    Free/Pay as you wish

  • For this week we will have Moulin Rouge!


    1 hr

    Free/Pay as you wish

  • Afrobeat time!!


    1 hr

    Free/Pay as you wish

  • Reggaeton class with technic & new choreo every week.


    1 hr

    Free/Pay as you wish


Week seven and I've learned to love dancing again! I haven't moved like this in years and mind as well body is wondering what on earth is happening. Love love love that all techniques are for all levels and easy to catch up when ever I drop a beat and go bonkers with my feet. An hour goes by quickly and takes mind of everything else going on.

Participants experiences and feedback: 

Solo Salsa:

"I haven’t dance for years! this was great so easy to follow and encouraging! I didn’t think about anything for an hour, many thanks!"

Body and Mind:

"This was both relaxing and energising! Great start for the day, see you!"

Experiences from Reggaeton technical : 

"I love the small groups. Having more time to engage my core and go low in my legs helps me so much. I feel like I can embody the choreography and have even more fun. "


"It was good to go deeper into the movements, it helped me to better understand how to isolate the movements and how to better keep the direction of my movements. Also getting more information on the reggaeton different rhythms was super useful! I think that with practice I will be able to apply what I learned while I'm dancing too."


"Thank you for doing this a second week. These classes are my only fixed schedule during the week, and they make such a difference to my morale. I have rediscovered my pleasure for dancing and dance quite a lot around the house at random times. And I never knew I would enjoy contemporary dance since I had never tried that before. So for all this I'm really grateful you are doing this. "

"I have really missed dancing with Pirita. Now that she does classes online, I’m so glad to be able to join! Pirita is an excellent teacher, the classes are always challenging and yet accommodating to every participant. 
I’m so excited for every class - I feel so “plugged in” to the rest of the world and the wonderful community that Pirita creates around her classes. And on top of that of course, I get a great workout, have so much fun to great music. Apart from great choreo classes, the Mind and Body workshops always leave my body feeling so good, I feel nourished and energized. I cannot recommend Pirita’s classes enough, I’m trying to get my friend all over the world to join - recently my friend who is currently in Panama danced with us. Did I mention Pirita also hand-makes amazing jewellery?"

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