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The One Couple Show by Thabo Mokolobate and Pirita Tuisku


It is not a one woman show.

It is not a one man show.

It is The One Couple Show.


A Collage of works, how Dance and Poetry thee wed.


The storyline is like from a romantic film. Two artists bring to you their personal story with its ups and downs about starting a new life in another country living as artists.

Pirita is a dance artist from Finland, she works with movement and storytelling. Thabo is a spoken word artist from South Africa, he works with music and poetry. Both artists have built a home in Scotland. Coming from different cultures and practices they will be bringing to you the journey of how Dance & Poetry met. 


Will you be the next one joining this storyline? Come and see this unique Dance-Poetry-Music collage!

Premier and first show run at Edinburgh Fringe 2024 
11th till 17th of August 2024 

5.45 pm 
At ZOO Playground
Tickets HERE!

A One Couple Show A3.png

Meet the Team : ​
Over 14 00 km between them as they grew up, so what happened that made them meet, fall in love and start their journey together in Edinburgh? These Are the big questions that we face when we meet people. The full answer you will get from The One Couple Show. 
But before that : 

Concept, Dancer-performer & Choreographer: Pirita Tuisku
Pirita Tuisku is a Finnish Dance artist living in Scotland. She has been working as a Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher in Finland, Scotland, South Africa and Hong Kong. Versatile artist has already over 19 years of experience working in different fields in dance. Her passion is to create work that will engage with audience, emerge with different art forms and bring alive topics from daily life. Time outside from dance Pirita has passion in upcycling Jewelry making and working as an Aerial yoga coach. 

Concept, Writer-performer & Poet : Thabo Mokolobate

Thabo Mokolobate is an Edinburgh based South African lyricist passionate about the infinite power of Poetry. The Sensei ,as he is widely known is a Writer, Performer, and Spoken Word Artist. Thabo writes about various subject matter such as love, behaviour and belief through the eyes of ordinary citizens. He works with music and poetry, and often steps out the idea of conventional poetry. More importantly he enjoys the process of working and collaborating with individuals from different practices including music, theatre and dance.​

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