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#19 week Urban vibes!!

WHOOP WHOOP!! It's our last week with Summer online training program! 

Next week we will be starting new August program!! Bookings are now open for August!  Whole month same schedule, PLUS EXTRA CLASSES HAPPENING DURING THE MONTH!  Taking your Online training to the next level. One month goal for every class, deepen your learning and keep on dancing! Do it as a course or drop in. August Membership is on sale only till 9th of August. You can book them already! Create your own Members page, book your classes for whole month and you can manage them through your own site! All the class link will be in your own site!! 

Also next week will be our Celebration week!! Lots of FUN STUFF happening!! Keep your eyes open! I will be publishing our birthday celebration this week!! 

NOW FOR THIS WEEK our theme is Street styles / Urban vibes!! EXTRA FUNS WEEK AHEAD, RIGHT!!?! Look also below some more news!

Now just booked your classes and you are all set for the new week! <3

LAST WEEK IN THE SUMMER PROGRAM! 27th of July to 2th of August!

28.7.2020 Tuesday 

18.00 UK Musical Dance Hamilton

29.7.2020 Wednesday 

17.30 UK Contemporary dane 1 H focusing on technic

18.45-19.15 UK CORE WORKOUT 30 min Pilates based

30.7.2020 Thursday

17.30 UK Latin Fusion / Street latin tunes!

1.8.2020 Saturday

10.30 UK Body & Mind Class

16.00 UK Street Style Some old school hip hop

2.8.2020 Sunday   

16.00 UK Reggaeton  17.15 UK Ballet Barre

Sisu Dance performance & Contemporary dance workshop with Ivy Tsui 


Surraa Productions is organization ran by Pirita, which focuses on dance with out borders.  They have also Online Live Contemporary dance workshop on 2th of August with a dance artist from Hong Kong! 

Here is little bit of the workshop: 

"Ivy Tsui will share her contemporary dance moves with you in her home in Hong Kong. She will focus on body awareness, space observations and improvisations. She will guide you through with instructions and a playlist of Chinese music and Canton-pop."


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