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Second Block with Online Live class

First block got us started for New Years 2021, Getting back on dancing. Now looking forward on Keep on dancing! Keep on dancing for yourself. Keep on enjoying it and learning something new every time. Sometimes the hardest thing is to start and also keep on going forward. I feel we have already had wonderful first block, seeing all you old and new faces! It just makes my evening to be able to keep on dancing with you all! Thank you fro sharing your time with me!

More then ever I feel all now need a little dancing for our weeks!! Who's with me on this next block?? :)

I have got your wishes for next block too and been working on to get it even better then the first block!!

Few classes are little bit later so that all you could make them, for Wednesday class you can choose do you want to do in the end 15 min core&Stretching part and Super Saturday will continue!!

Second Block for this year!!

Reggaeton has now levels for the weeks class and for Sunday longer also technic sections. During the week classes I am changing the choreographs in every two weeks. Sunday we will chance the choreo each month.

Body & Mind is now on the start of the week, to get in good mindset for the week and taking care of the body for up coming training moments! People have wishes for more core based classes, I have planned this more in for this class.

Latin Fusion if last block we took in to another stage! Let´s Level Up!!

Every two weeks I will change the dance. 3rd & 10th Salsa & Jive | 17th & 24th Fusion week | More opened on the booking site.

Contemporary dance is only class that is an course! You can come and try the first class with just individual payment £6 and then sign up for the whole course if you want. We will start from the basics and build it up through the course.

Changing class is really given the extra energy for your training! Now more than ever!! Wish was to have something each week that is also different, so here we go. You can also do the both Sunday classes and get a good workout in just 2 hours!! We will have every other week more cardio based class and every other week more technic based class like Ballet Barre.

Super Saturdays will have some unique classes coming up!! Keep your eyes open!!


You are still able to book them individually or with the unlimited Membership.

If you come once a week the monthly Membership is the best option!

And now with recurring Membership it will be coming more as a routine as well and helps you keep on going forward.

Just remember booking closes 5 min before the class starts. With the course you can only sign up when we are starting.

Memberships you get unlimited classes for 1 month and the class recordings!

People have wishes for recurring Membership and here it is!!

There is now different options for the Membership: Recurring Membership or Monthly Membership. The benefits in the Recurring is that it will renew automatically, but you can still also cancel it in any time! No sign up fee or cancellation fee!!

You could even do one month and if you feel it's not working for you just by cancelling it, it won't renew anymore after that.

This will just make it more easier for you, then just each month renew it automatically. Also because our schedule will be longer times, this make it smoother for people in the courses as well.

When you book, you can choose they payment options.

If you have any questions, just get in touch with me :

NOW JUST WISHING YOU ALL WONDERFUL NEW MONTH AND NEW BLOCK! I feel there is something truly unique in our little dance community and it has been strong! Let´s keep it strong and there for you all! Now more then ever we really need to dance and especially dance together!!

Dancing with you,


Photo from the New Year schedule by Jukka Tuisku


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