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1 Year Ago Took a Huge Step For Myself

One year has past... One year with dancing online...Can't believe it!

Year ago when I did the first class, it was just first to keep on going, dancing, training and keeping my own insanity as well. I always remember the day the pandemic started and in Scotland we went into the first full lockdown. Had so many work thing going on and was really looking forward the year 2020. Felt like in just one day it all was taken away and the calendar was cleared up. All that I had worked so hard to get forward, was taken away just in that moment... Same time they announced the shielding and because I am in the risk group had to the life in shielding as well. Just thought in my mind those first days, what I can do to bring something positive to peoples lives own this crazy period? Had a thought would people like to do Reggaeton at home? And so I just put it out there would you like to join for a class on 27th of March for Reggaeton. And there it started! Had 34 people in the first class and felt that was a sign that people need something different to do at home.

Like many have heard I have never been a big fan in any online stuff.. Just felt it is so out of my comfort zone. That time also reminded of how many times I am encouraging others to step out from their comfort zone. When ever I usually notice something feels scary or that I don't feel comfortable.. I think that is a sang to me: Yes this is definitely something I need to do! And that way I have have truly lived my life so far. So again standing in this moment of being scared... what will happen... will anyone come... Am I able to engage people through this platform..... Yes, this was definitely something I needed to do. And now looking back I am clad I did it!

Have learned a lot and what has surprised me most is the fact that I have met also new people! Which I never thought would happen. This whole year has again reminded me why I started also teaching 16 years ago. I want to share others everything what dance has given me. It has given so many lifetime skills, taking care my of physical and mental health. It is one thing that has always helped me over from so many harder life challenges. So getting messages from people these classes has helped them through this pandemic has truly made my day!

Many times people have been asking how long I will run them? I will run them as long there is people to do this with. ;)

Often I hear comments that these online things is not for me and I will wait that we can dance together physically. And I understand, it is not for everyone. But also I would encourage everyone to do it still. It is exactly what I thought before starting theses classes. I will wait till this pandemic ends... But that was just saying to me I am afraid to push myself out of my comfort zone. But starting to see more the thing what this has given me now, it has taught me new skills. And of course it will never be same as we would be physically together. But I have tried my best to make it feel like we would be in same space. Biggest thing I have talked with many people who even apply on the coaching group, says they have pushed dancing a side for long. Doing it after the school ends, doing it after kids are older etc. We all go into that way when we realize our comfort zone, our mind will start finding reasons. And it is valuable to realize it, but I believe even more valuable to push through them as well. Even from the first half year doing these classes I was not sure will I continue, something was missing for myself..... I needed to understand what it was.. And so I build the Dance Coaching program. I was missing more that deeper level commitment and the help for people move forward on their dancing. (To be honest that is something I have missed the last years in Scotland.) But again identifying what I missed and fixing it. But all of that came to me for doing it longer time and understanding what it was that I was missing from it and what was not working for me. And then making it work! I believe there is always a way. :) Another thing is to ask help from others to move forward as well. Don't be stuck on your own! If you are feeling online dancing is not for you or you feeling you are missing something from it, I am here to help. Just get in touch and we will see if we can find out what it is. And I am happy to do it! So many people in my classes have been helping me out in this crazy time when my work was cleared out and I want to give it back to you all! I am not saying I know everything. Definitely not! :D But by working together I trust that we will find the way.

This year has proven me the fact that when you put the positive energy out there it will come back to you as well. And how much the community around you really means in every part of your journey!

I am so proud of our little own Dance Community! I have seen these amazing ladies to push themselves out of their comfort zone and seeing how much they have learned as well. That is just so inspiring!!

Now for anyone that has ever been in my online class:

Thank you for given me your time! Being there! Trusting me! Thank you never feels enough, but I hope you know it comes from my heart! I don't know where this will go next, but I will promise I will keep on making it better and helping you on the way!

For everyone out there:

Never doubt yourself! If you feel scared to do something and thinking what if this won't work... Do it! End of the day each and every adventure will give you something and you will thank yourself in the end! Put yourself first as well time to time and if you need any help don't be scared to ask help!

Also another little secret: Writing these blog post is huge step out of my comfort zone... Opening up and writing it wiith hard dyslexia it is scary!! And I will still keep on doing it even though so many times I feel, will this really help anyone else and is it valuable.. But It is something I need to push myself to learn to live with this. :)

AND keep your eye open!!! There is something amazing coming up on May!! ;) My surpises never ends!!

This is one of the first dances we filmed last year... So asked if anyone wants to film it and send it again... after we tried after one class and it just didn't happen... Technology gave up... But here it is! Thank you ladies on this video! Another amazing sample of how much they have learned and stepping out from their comfort zone!!


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