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Home residency & second sharing

Second week from our research is done and we had inspiring second sharing on Saturday 13th of February. Thanks for all who came along! Your thoughts and experiences are really given us the directions where to move on next! Thank you for given your time to us!

Second week we were looking more further on few topics and how we can we perform together even with the screen and huge distance between us. Also playing with different tools through Zoom platform. Never knowing how it all will work is truly inspiring and exciting to find out each week. It has been playful week! And again found new ways to engage with the audience!

Mostly from the feedback we have got is the feeling of curiosity and interest what will happen next. Which is really inspiring! And some people even learned some new tricks how to use Zoom.. Which I found really interesting. I believe we are on the edge of finding something truly unique and different, creating that little bubble where people could join from their comfort space. And for that moment travel to somewhere else!

All of this is somehow putting a lot of pressure on trying to do something even more innovating what we have done already. How to be even more clever than we have been already? This is just how my brain also works.. :D When I find something I want to take it into a next level. If it is something crazy, my brain suddenly goes how it can go even more crazier. :D But that aspect it is also why I love what I do and keeps me going as an artist.

Also this week I challenge Thabo more to explore movement. Which has been really interesting. Seeing movement through his body and how he takes the task in movement side. That has also open totally new sides for this research, which we will start exploring further on this week.

Have to see what this week will bring for us, what kind of games we will play and how that will engage again on Saturday with the "audience". If you are would like to join us next week. Everyone is welcomed! Even if you haven't been in the first once. I believe it gives also a different focus and experiences if you haven't seen any of the previous sharing events. Only two more to go!! Don't miss out!!

Now next sharing will be next Saturday 4 pm UK time. Free. Just fill up the survey and you will get the invitation email. Click here to the Social Distance Engagement Survey.

Till the next week! Be safe there!


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