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Dance, Music, people from many parts of Europe & SOLD OUT SHOWCASE!! What more can one ask!! Always when you are working on these events independently it is a lot work that happens behind the scenes and you are wearing so many hats: Choreographer, Performer, Producer, Sound editor, Front of house and many more. :D For this one I had in the team also dear friend and amazing dancer as well Jorja Follina. Huge help already being the digital stage manager. Of course not forgetting all performers helping to spread the word! Together we made it! So thank you all!! Made a quick video to give you idea what happen. Hopefully you enjoy it.

Let´s see when we can have next one!! It is on the planing list! But mean while here is something to experience before that.

Some feedback from the showcase:

"Really fun, felt like our own small real-life gig which was nice!" "I loved some of the special Zoom effects you used, would be interested in finding out more about how you did that as I may be also use in the future. I also felt that my firned and I didnt listen properly to the instructions at the start because they felt a little long but then of course regretted it when we needed to work out how to chane viewing modes. So maybe there would have been an alternative way. Overall it was good and resonated nicely. Well done in all your hard work in organising! (I would have joined the Reggaeton dance but found routine quite fast and was unable to join rehearsal but maybe next time, huh?" Keep up the good work. You have created something really special here Pirita!"

"Jenny´s gig: It felt magical." "We’ll done very creative" "I think it was interesting to see how artists manage to convey their passion, even within the domestic walls." "I thought this was a really unique event. I enjoyed it very much." "Particularly noticed the sounds of feet crunching in the snow...reminded me of childhood experiences of winter in Scotland when there seemed to always be deeper snow! Loved the overhead shots." "Storytelling is something I love and dancing, singing are two ways of doing it. Every performer was there to share something: an experience, an emotion, a journey. They were there to share their own story, this is what made feel engaged."


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