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Third week with our Research is done, which also ended with third residency sharing! Time goes fast! What still surprises us both is how much it truly helps to explore this research together with amazing people! Thank you again who made it for the third sharing! It always takes us in a different journey when we can share our work with you! Your thoughts, feelings and experiences every time takes us to the next stage. Thank you for your time!

Often I feel that in the third week is the hardest week. Feels like nothing is working and nothing new is rising up. And as funny as it sounds I need to go through just hating it all for a while and given it all a break. To explore something new. No difference in this week as well. :D Felt really hard week to start going forward. We both needed to have a moment to stop and see what is coming out of it all. And the new idea came finally! Still I felt we both were even more nervous for sharing what we have found this week then the last two weeks. But to hear we have again done something thoughts provoking, engaging, strange but same time having light humor as well crazy to experience two people performing together from different countries. We both feel re-charged for the last week!

Also there has been a lot technical aspects that has been challenging, but it is good that different things comes up on each sharing. Which just all makes it easier to work it for the next time, so that all would go smoother. Have to say each time something don't go right I am really happy, because that gives us a direct problem to resolve!

As much as we are researching how we have engage with audience through online platform, it's also to see can this performance work in all levels. One is, can we make it work in Zoom and second that can we perform in two different countries. There is things like load shedding and connections issues in South African side, but also of course all of those can happen in Finland / UK side as well. Even though this is not first time us to work together like this, this is first time trying to perform together like this. :D A lot we have learned already and I am really curious to see what this last week will give us!!

This last week we will make a first draft from the "performance". Come and see the whole research together!! Your experiences are valuable for us to hear how, why, when we would take this further.

Feedback from third sharing:

What aspect made you feel enaged?

I felt involved for the entire duration of the Workshop. I think the part that interested me most was when Thabo started reading the text or when he connected with her to ask her about things. I interpreted these interventions as if Thabo were destiny or something closely connected to Pirita's life. Some advice, interventions aimed at her to show her the way, a path destined for her but that only Pirita could have chosen to follow or not.

Last sharing will be next Saturday 4 pm UK time. Free. Just fill up the survey and you will get the invitation email. Click here to the Social Distance Engagement Survey.

Till the next week! Be safe there!


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