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Sassy Summer Online Program

It's on!!! New Online Program only for this Summer! After the year we have had I thought we need something truly special, which will boost our energy levels!

Here is Sassy Summer Online Program:

-6 weekly classes New classes and some of our old once. -One workshop for a month, starting with a Dancehall workshop with teacher from Jamaica.

-Super Saturday once a month.

-Extra little training videos for members to do even hectare week on beach even!

Let´s make this Summer unique together!

Sassy Summer!

Reggaeton continues with levels and now also chance to have a shorter dance session. During Reggaeton classes I will spice up your training into the new level. Each week a different choreo.

Summer Latin Fusion Class is inspired from different Latin styles like: Salsa, Samba, Bachata, Reggaeton and many more!

Each week doing a different choreo feeling the Summer in every beat and movement. Each week having sweaty fun while learning new. Each week we will going into a old Dance we have done in past, but like songs have remix versions. So will Pirita do a remix version from her old choreo! Exciting right?? Even if you haven't done the original dance previously don't worry! This will level up from the original so new for everyone one!

Summer Flow Class is inspired from different movement practice like Contemporary dance, Ballet Barre, Yoga, Pilates.

You need in the class sometimes a chair, mat and/or you can use ankle weights on some exercises.

Pirita will let you know 5 min before the class what to have ready before we start. When you click on the class link 5 min before starting time, you will see the message from her in the waiting room.

Why Summer Flow?

So often summer times get schedule crazier and body also asks different movement. I build a class to give you everything at once. Something to work on those leg alignments as well the core support, open your muscles. Feel like you are dancing through out in the Summer Flow!

Summer Blast! Class will have every other week a different feeling more from Ballet Barre to Street styles. Taking the training to another level! You will need each class a chair!

Super Saturdays continue with themed partied each month!


You are still able to book them individually or with the unlimited Membership.

If you come once a week the monthly Membership is the best option!

And now with recurring Membership it will be coming more as a routine as well and helps you keep on going forward.

Just remember booking closes 5 min before the class starts. With the course you can only sign up when we are starting.

Memberships you get unlimited classes for 1 month and the class recordings!

People have wishes for recurring Membership and here it is!!

There is now different options for the Membership: Recurring Membership or Monthly Membership. The benefits in the Recurring is that it will renew automatically, but you can still also cancel it in any time! No sign up fee or cancellation fee!!

You could even do one month and if you feel it's not working for you just by cancelling it, it won't renew anymore after that.

This will just make it more easier for you, then just each month renew it automatically. Also because our schedule will be longer times, this make it smoother for people in the courses as well.

When you book, you can choose they payment options.

If you have any questions, just get in touch with me :


I feel there is something truly unique in our little dance community and it has been strong! Let´s keep it strong and there for you all! Now more then ever we really need to dance and especially dance together!!

Dancing with you,



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