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Finge 2016, Thank you!

It´s true!!! I´m here!! And straight way when I landed here I started the whole madness. :) Have to say that is little bit sad that the August is already behind us, but it was the best start of my new life in Edinburgh! Everything happened so fast that just after that month I noticed that I haven´t even write anything into my blog.. So here is some update on Fringe 2016!

Straight way I landed here was first meting with other DEBS ( Happily I can now tell you all that I´m a one of the new DEBS at Dance Base! I will tell you soon more about that. :)

But really I came straight way to Dance Base from airport and watched many dance performances during the first day.. And next day I started working at Dance Base as a Usher and Cafe staff. So from working the whole summer without any real breaks, I landed here and started my journey working again.. It was hectic, but that was for me good way to start the life here! :)

At the first week everything felt madness... I couldn´t really believe that I have MOVED TO EDINBURGH! Before I left from Finland and told people I´m leaving, often I heard the respond: Crazy! And I didn´t really understand why it´s crazy. Well at the first week I understood that.... Even I felt that this all is so crazy! I sold my home and nearly all my stuff so I can move to Edinburgh. Have a year for me and take time off being the Company leader full day. Breathe and after four years stop and think what is that really makes me happy and of course dance.

Well have to say that the whole month in Fringe was crazy, but absolutely PERFECT! And even this job was the best for me! As I was working as a Usher I got to see the performances in Dance Base many times! Which made it all like a opportunity to learn. What made me happy, sad or didn´t arouse any feeling, AND WHY! That was interesting... I started to analyze all the performances and started to also think for my own point of view WHY I WANNA MAKE ART ON THE STAGE? Morag has really made interesting choices! She has chosen dances from all over the world! Amazing!!!! And if she hasn´t made these decisions I wouldn´t met all these great performers from all around the world! So I have say I feel so grateful now!

Everyone said that during Fringe festival everything is crazy! Huge amount of performers and people and performances! Now I have to say I understand what that also means! It really felt like totally madness. But in a good way. But also working the whole month I and seeing many performances at Dance Base I didn´t have so much energy to see any other performances... Of course I went to see other ones too, but not all that I wished to see.

But working at Dance Base, I had also chance to meet so many lovely people! The people really make everything worth it! Meting lot´s of great dancers but also I have the greatest landlord ever! And then trough my work mate from Dance Base I got the best roommate also.. It´s really funny how thing goes.. :)

In the last week my dancers also came from Finland! And that was also something that people told that I´m crazy to arranging it.. Well now I understand what means to bring 35 people from Finland to Edinburgh! It was so lovely to show my students why I love this place and also go and see performances.. They really loved to place as well, and that was so nice hear. But have to say I´m not doing that any time soon again! It was so great to have them all here, but wow... It´s good that I act first and think later... :D But also I´m now smarter what do differently when arrange next trip...

So big thank´s to all Dance Base staff!!! For giving me that work and also getting my dancers to perform! I can´t thank you enough! All my love and hugs to all staff members!!! It has been hectic start for my life in here but have to say the best one!

I really have to recommend to all: IN AUGUST 2017 COME TO EDINBURGH FOR THE FRINGE! Doin´t miss it!

And of course Dance Base is one of the best venues! ;)

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