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Ready or not?

Word ready has come up so many times last seven months that I have been living in Edinburgh.

Even making these my lovely new website I have been thinking can I publish, is it ready?

Why we keep asking and thinking is everything ready? Is it ready that I can show it everyone? Am I ready to this journey? Why we need to be ready? Are we ever ready? Do we need to be ready?

So many questions from one word. But even in the buss today I noticed it has a great meaning to me. The one word READY. As a woman I´m going throw a journey that has had so many chances past years. I have been telling many times after my Aerial yoga class in end meditation; "Chances just not appear, they come when you ready to grow and be stronger then you were before they became." So in that sense we are ready for what will happen, but perhaps you

don´t realize it at the time. But as a human being I wanna believe that we are never ready, we are all the time experiencing, living, making mistakes.. We are growing, so I think that as a human being we are never ready.

As a artist, dancer and teacher I feel being ready is shutting down all the possibilities of learning and growing. I have notices that so many times rehearsing something comes up the conversation is this ready for showing, can we but this on stage, can we show this to someone? But when is anything really ready? Is it that we are scared to show something that is not "ready"? But why we are scared? Dancing, making dance performances for me it´s always a process, and process is growing and chancing. So the process can grow when it´s open for reflections from viewers, so it is not ready. Is the word ready then more about how you feel? But if we think it´s more about how you feel, then it´s kind of you don´t want to jump into something unknown. Be away from your comfort zone. For me jumping out of comfort zone, you learn more and life gets more interesting. So it isn´t never really ready.

So sitting in a buss thinking what word READY means to me made me realize that I have so many questions and that this topic is everything that my new solo piece is about. Ready or not! I love my job!! I love those moment that first you feel that you are so lost and in just one moment in buss everything comes together. So know I have many questions and I wanna go to this journey and it doesn´t matter am I ready or not. :D

From this small introductions to know little bit crazy mind of mine... Hope you enjoy my new website and hope these thoughts gave you something. :)

Will continue sharing my crazy next questions soon, hope that I have some answers also some day. :D

These website are not Ready! They will chance and be evolving.

People don´t be afraid not to be ready, be unready and evolving.

Ready or not life is here and now! <3

Welcome to dyslexic artist life!

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