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Never too late, right?

Crazy to notice that is already November, soon even month is chancing to

December. Where did the time go..? Main question I have asked myself. What I have done? Have I done enough? Where I am with everything? And when I was really going throw everything past moths, seemed really funny that I have been saying to myself I´m not doing enough...

Fringe 2017 never too late to thank everyone, right?

Again amazing Fringe festival experienced. Performing working process performance All My Single Ladies with lovely dancer Amy Robertson! I wanted to see how audience will experience it, getting feedback to move forward. It was amazing experience and journey to see what Single ladies can do! :)

Some overall feedback from Fringe 2017: • Universal Idea! Clever Idea! • Engaged, Realistic! • Being alone and together, honesty. Happy to hear these stories, want more! • Reletable to all girls, funny! • Wanna see this in a bigger stage! • Music was weird but somehow worked! • So brave doing this in Fringe and in a café!

And getting lovely CMC Fem Youth group to perform my choreography Fall Of... at Dance Base Head up! Being long time with these girls it was one of my proudest moments to see them performing this one!

Seeing familiar faces from last year, other artist and also making new friends! This festival is really something that even words can´t express.

Big thanks to all my other single lady AMY and CMC Fem girls! Also all the staff in Dance base! <3

Planing, writing, dancing, working

After Fringe it has been planing, writing, dancing, working time. :) And now it´s already Christmas time!!!!! Which is my favorite time of the year!!!!! Started already month ago listen Christmas songs... But now I think it is aloud to say it that I love listening Christmas music! :D Work is soon done in Edinburgh for this year and next stop is Finland. If you live near Oulu, come and join my workshops there during December!

Contemporary workshop from Surraa Productions, more information in here:

Reggaeton and Afrobeat workshop from Oulu dance Academy, more information in here:

" Take small steps toward what your heart is saying to do. Breathe and enjoy every moment"


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