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Drown solo piece

Photo credit: Maria Falconer

Solo performance title: Drown

Performed by Pirita Tuisku

Performance sound design by Barney Strachan

"Breathe, cannot breathe, breathe, cannot breathe. What happen to me?"

Drown is journey into human experience of losing someone close. The loss of a friend to disease or moving far away. How the changes make people to get lost in a strong emotions and self change? How does all this effect on us and our body? How we Drown and how we get up?

With this work Pirita wanted to find a way to explore how contemporary dance can merge with Street dance elements.

"The idea behind Drown -piece is to find a different way to open discussion of loosing close once. After I lost my best friend for cancer, I felt I was drowning and same time saying to everyone I am okay. This part of my life made me more wanting to dive into this feeling. 2015 I came to Edinburgh to do a residency for this residency at Dance Base. First days I was doing interviews in town and collecting peoples stories of loosing close once. These stories I started the research how to tell this story through Contemporary dance merging with street dance element. I have had pleasure to perform this solo now for 3 years. Every performance I hope audience members will get from it what they need and reminding everyone no one is alone with these feelings." -Pirita Tuisku

About the artist:

Pirita Tuisku is a Finnish Dancer, Choreographer, Dance teacher and aerial yoga teacher based now in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is working as a Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher in Finland as well in Scotland, places like Dance Base, Neu Reekie , Surraa Productions, Oulu Dance Academy. She has also been teaching in National Schools of arts, Moving in to dance Mophatong, Jozi Youth Dance company, South Africa. International dance artist has been running her own dance school Cross Move Company and Surraa Production organization in Finland. Versatile and energetic woman has already over a decade of experience working in different fields in dance. Her passion is to create work that will engage with audience, merge with different art forms and bring alive topics from daily life.


instagram: @pirretuisku

facebook: @PiritaT

Picture by Kate Soltan

Performing Solo part of triple bill at Edinburgh Multicultural Festival 5th of October 12 pm.

A dance showcase event celebrating diverse talent featuring Iraya Noble, Pirita Tuisku and Olga Kay. From dances rooted in African cultures, to Bollywood and Arabic traditional dances, to contemporary styles, you will be exposed to an eclectic mix of sound and movement.


PASS Theatre

Edinburgh College (Granton Campus)

350 West Granton Road



Tickets are free!! But book your free ticket now:

Pictures taken by Kate Soltan->

African Connections CIC, an Edinburgh-based community interest company promoting diversity through performing arts, are delighted to announce the very first Edinburgh Multicultural Festival programme taking place on 4th, 5th and 6th October 2019. The festival programme features Edinburgh’s diverse talent and promotes spoken word, poetry, music, dance and visual arts created by African, Asian and Eastern European artists living in the capital. The festival programme features poetry programme curated by Nadine Aisha Jassat, storytellers Fong Liu and Daiva Ivanauskaitė, music groups Samba Sene & Diwan, Billy Got Waves & Joell, Omar Afif and Gnawa Trans Fusion, Mochi Robinson and Swaryatra, dance artists including Dance Ihayami, Sankofa Beats, Olga Kay, Iraya Noble, Pirita Tuisku, and many more. The festival will also present two international acts Lazarus, a Malawian singer and canjo player, as well as Sowhereto Africa, a South African dance and music show promoting street talent from the township of Soweto. The festival does not only promote performing arts, but also engages audiences through a specially curated short films programme as well as an audio-visual installation created by Robert Motyka inspired by diverse cultures and identities. You will certainly be spoilt for choice!

All programme events are offered free. All events and entertainment taking place at Drumbrae Library and Community Hub (4th October 2019) and Edinburgh College Granton Campus (5th & 6th October 2019) are offered free of charge. Events at Drumbrae Library and Community Hub will include creative writing, poetry and storytelling, whereas the second and third day of the festival at the Edinburgh College Granton Campus will feature music, dance, shorts films and the audio-visual installation by Robert Motyka. The programme at the Edinburgh College will include both performances in the open café space (unticketed) as well as in the PASS Theatre (free, ticketed). Third sector organisations promoting or representing diverse communities in Edinburgh and Scotland will be present on 5th and 6th October 2019 to share their activities and offer attendees further opportunities to engage with multicultural communities.

The Edinburgh Multicultural Festival director, Morgan Njobo, says: ‘with this programme we would like to celebrate the multicultural talent and its contribution to the cultural life of Edinburgh. As a South African artist living in Edinburgh, I feel privileged to be able to present an eclectic programme that aims to engage local communities and increase access to arts and entertainment in the north of Edinburgh. We are collaborating with artists whose work is influenced by African, Asian and Eastern European cultures and we wish for all Edinburgh residents to better engage with our diverse performing arts and visual arts scene and enjoy the benefits of diversity brought by the artists involved.’ It is hoped for the festival to grow over the years and contribute to promoting tolerance and inclusivity across Edinburgh and beyond.

The festival is delivered in partnership with Edinburgh College, PASS Theatre and Drumbrae Library and Community Hub. It is supported by The City of Edinburgh Council.

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