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Beautiful Chaos 20 Online &Live

When all plans go are frozen, biggest questions is what's next then?

Now that I have been doing the online live classes and I was really skeptic about it at first, but it really works! I feel it has really kept me going through these times, feeling that I am still dancing with lovely people and hoping to bring some more positivity to their days. So I though why wouldn't we try to get our new work out there as well. All the hard work we have done for it, I feel it need to be seen and heard. :) As well thinking that our goal has been to deliver this work also in different performance spaces. So here it goes! Come and join us this Saturday for our first Online Live performance for Beautiful chaos 20. It will be performed straight from my home to yours! We will do a 20 min part from the whole piece, giving you taste of the whole work.

Exciting week ahead, hopefully seeing you soon and please invite your friends and family members to join as well!

Have a great week!

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