#12 week : Summer Online Training

11 weeks done and it has really taught me a lot!

Firstly I really wanna thank everyone who has been in the classes! It is priceless in theses times to feel that we all are connected and that I can still continue my work even in shielding. Seeing you in there it always makes me so happy!! Thank you! <3

I am putting more data together to open the feedback and the survey answers. Sorry it is taking more time that I thought, I was hoping to get it for this week. I will post it soon, so all you can see the answers. I would like to give something extra for all that did the survey.

If you did it, email me and I will send you more information.

In here Scotland I believe our dance schools will not be open any time soon and someone like me in shielding, I don't think I will be teaching and doing my normal work any time soon in UK or else where. This is now my channel to continue my work and I couldn't done it with you all! Already people who have been also able to send contributions, thank you!!! <3

I have now for this Summer June and July my own Summer Online training program! Classes continue drop in style and schedule will chance weekly to keep you motivated and spark things up!

Classes will start to be payable and I hope this won't discourage you to come along! There is also a for this amazing chance to get the Membership with a SUMMER price. Membership includes everything and it is only valid for one month at the time. This week you can get it only £10!!

I understand we still live in uncertain times. So even though classes will now start being payable, if you are self-employed and/or have lost your work please be in touch.

Celebrating our new Summer Online Program we will have our LIVIGN ROOM PERFORMANCES #2 this Saturday 13th of June 2020 6 pm with other artist as well!! Tickets are now on sale! For Members the tickets are free. More artist will be posted there this week! Click here to get your ticket: https://www.piritatuisku.com/events

Online Survey

I will still keep the online survey open as we open a new program. This is just helping me to improve my work every week as we go on.

Click the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdwUmNMFRvix_yXvtKtZqV5ZI_v_ac6M5KgC5AWJlIgourYTg/viewform?usp=sf_link


Book your classes here: https://www.piritatuisku.com/book-online

9.6.2020 Tuesday

17.30 UK Musical Dance : Chicago

18.45 UK Body&Mind class 30 min /free

10.6.2020 Wednesday

17.30 UK Contemporary dane

11.6.2020 Thursday

17.30 UK Latin Fusion

Merenque and Salsa

18.45 UK Core workout 30 min /free

12.6.2020 Friday 18.15 UK Dance Fittnes party 45 min, Members class

13.6.2020 Saturday

10.00 UK Body & Mind Class. Start for your day practice!

14.6.2020 Sunday

16.00 UK Reggaeton

New choreo every week!

17.15 UK Body & Mind

Great practice for ending the weekend and getting ready for new week.


You can still do bookings as a INDIVIDUAL BOOKINGS or sign up for MEMBERSHIP.

Through the booking site your can pay when you sign up. If you wish to pay to my account UK or FI, choose the pay as person. You will get then information for the bank transfer.


If you just wish to do the Online Live Classes now and then, just book them as normal from the booking site.



If you do even one or more classes in a week, I recommend the Membership. The membership is only valid one month and then you can choose again do you wanna buy a new month or perhaps just individual bookings.

Membership includes:

- All the week online classes.

- Class recordings that chance every week.

- 1 Member class a month Dance and exercise. - 4 Online dance and exercise videos, chances every month. - 7 days dance or exercise challenges. FOR May there was 7 days SLEEP BETTER, BODY & Mind class challenges.

- Monthly events on special prices. -20 % discount to my etsy shop!

How to get it:


Creating a member page and when you are sign in for the page you can see all your bookings in one page.

2. YOU WILL GET ALSO EMAIL BACK FOR CONFIRMING YOUR MEMBER SITE AND LINK TO ACTIVATE YOUR MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP. Or you can get it from this page: https://www.piritatuisku.com/membership


If you open his through your phone you should already get the request to sign up, but here is also the link for the app: http://wix.to/RsDTB4E

WORKING WITH OTHER SCHOOLS TO GREAT MORE OPPORTUNITIES! Street dance for adults and kids with Dance Base.

And more Reggaeton with Dance Glasgow.

**** These weeks I am also working with two other schools to greet more opportunities to people dance with me.

Dance Base has also now launched a program for kids and junior dancers as well:

Tuesday 3 pm Street Dance Kids Thursday 3 pm Street Dance juniors

Friday 5 pm Street dance adults. (Every class I will have more two different street styles that we look into.)

All of these classes are free. Sign up through Dance base website: www.dancebase.com


Also people who want to do more Reggaeton, Dance Glasgow will have another Reggaeton Class for beginners

Wednesdays 7.30 pm.

This class I will already do more technical exercises and short part of the choreo we will have more on Sunday. So works for everyone!! Sign up https://www.danceglasgow.com



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