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Groove Back Challenge third week

Get your Groove back challengers have now done their third week!! This week has really been a week with big moments!

One part of this challenge is the 1 to 1 coaching we have every week. On these coaching times we are going through their progress, focusing everyone's individual goals and making the schedule for the next week how to to the classes. One part have also been filming their one Contemporary dance exercise and the Reggaeton dance. They filmed first once in the first week and now second once in this week. On this weeks coaching we have been looking into those videos, what we have learned and where to focus next.

The biggest take away from this week has been how much these wonderful ladies have already learned and we can really see the progress from these videos. And it is lovely to hear how much things has started to click for themselves as well. We are definitely on the right track! Looking forward to the new week!

If you have any questions from this program, let me know.

Keep on dancing and have fun with it!

Talk to you soon again!


Groove Back Challenge 1. class 2020

1. class 2020: Emmeline Aves, Benedetta Zanetti, Hannah Norfolk, Saara Jantunen, Jenna Pihkapuro, Valeria Levi and Jenny Laahs.

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