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Groove Back Challenge fifth week

Get your Groove back challengers are having their last weeks in this challenge. It is crazy how fast time has went. Even they feel time has gone fast.

This week we have been looking back again the videos they have done from their 5th week as well the previous weeks. Seeing the difference how much the movement has progressed from the week one. And it has been great to hear how much they already feel the difference and now also see it from the videos. One funny thing seems to be happening with everyone especially with Reggaeton dance videoing, they are not staying any more even in the picture fully.. :D First videos the dance was really almost in one place and now it feels they have got more confidence to just move more and let it go. So happy for that!! Which is really big goal this for this challenge/training program. I always hoped that through this program people would get more confidence for their dancing, and that way get more dance being part of their lifestyle as well.

Difficult thing is sometimes the scheduling and this is one part we try to work on in this challenge as well. Trying to understand what works for they timetable; when, what and how much to dance in a week. Only way to learn that is to just explore what works and what doesn't. What gives them most to towards they own goals as well. I feel this has been the difficult part to make it work for them all. We always make a plan for that week how they will do the classes, but it always gives that opportunity to move around things if necessary. Creating that freedom as well! But I believe the difficult part comes to allow yourself to chance the plans. :) But there has been great learning curves with all of then to understand more what starts to work more for them individually as well and I am hoping it will be something that they will then use later on as well, when making decision which classes they take and how they keep on training.

Now just towards the last week and excited to learn more the last outcomes!

If you have any questions from this program, let me know.

Keep on dancing and have fun with it!

Talk to you soon again!


Groove Back Challenge 1. class 2020

1. class 2020: Emmeline Aves, Benedetta Zanetti, Hannah Norfolk, Saara Jantunen, Jenna Pihkapuro, Valeria Levi and Jenny Laahs.

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