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#36-37th week | Last Christmas week for Christmas block!

I made it!!! Last week in Scotland was crazy, my flight were chanced and didn't really know in the end will I make it to Finland... Also being so long at home and not traveling, I noticed I was nervous to travel again. But have to say it was really nice to be dancing almost every evening with so many of you! It really calmed my mind and I was getting more just excited to get back home.

I had funny trip, because I has to spend over night in Helsinki airport. And I was almost alone. Made a little video from it. Have a look:

So I made to back in home and around one week isolating. I have had two negative tests and had chance to see my family. Days go quick! But what was interesting to find out was to see how can I take my work with me. And after one week, I believe it is possible! As long as there is wifi and enough space, I am all good!

So now just looking forward to Finnish this year with all you guys! Dancing and talking about dance and keep on learning together!!!

I am still running classes till 22th of December and then also having a little surprise to all that have active Membership! ;) This winter time is not fun... evenings are dark and cold. I believe now more then every we need dance!!! Still time to join us in the classes!

This week is last week for Christmas block!! Then I have new schedule for the last weeks!

🤶Tuesday 16.30 UK Reggaeton Choreo class 18.00 UK Changing class: Bollywood


18.00 UK Contemporary dance

19.05 UK Reggaeton Choreo class


18.00 UK Latin Fusion: Bachata, Merenque, Rumba


14.00 UK Street Styles : Ultimate street dance party!!

15.05 UK Body & Mind class


17.00 UK Reggaeton, every week different technical focus and building same choreo for whole month!

Now just wishing you a wonderful week!!


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