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#38th week | New Christmas schedule & last podcast!

Last weeks for this year!!! Feels like the December is going really fast!! It has been fun!! have been filming some Christmas dance class challenges in Santa Claus main postoffice and looking forward with some last photoshoot as well!

What is special in this end of the year then? Well we still have classes running till 22th of December, something I haven't done for really long time!! Usually classes end in so many places in early December. And then creating something fun for all to do even for the short break time! Also not forgetting our last Podcast for this year!! So I feel this is really special end of the year!

Podcast This Sunday 3 pm UK time Live on my Facebook.

Also then coming later on my YouTube channel.

We will have lovely Valeria Levi from Italy!

She will come and talk about ; "Dancing away the fear of not being good enough."

Hopefully you can join us!!

Membership offer!!

If you activate your Membership now for the end of the year, you will get: 🎄All online live classes till 22th of December 🎄Class recordings till 3rd of January!! 🎄Plus two extra class challenges to do over the holidays!! (Want to get an Elf straight from Santa´s post office to your home and shake the booty with you?? 😉) 🎄PLUS January Membership in special price!!!! This offer end on Thursday 17th of December!!! So would recommend to do it quick!! Click here and activate yours: ALSO... After running these classes almost 9 months, I would really love to hear your End Of the Year Thoughts. This helps me to plan next year and gives me directions where to go with this. Everyone that answers will take part of the competition. One lucky one will win the No Mistakes T-shirt and one Free January Membership! Click here and leave me your thoughts! I really appreciate this! ❤️

Christmas weeks!!!

🤶Tuesday 16.45 UK / 18.45 FI Reggaeton Choreo ( dance from last week)

18.00 UK / 20.00 FI Ballet Barre with Christmas tunes!!


18.00 UK / 20.00 FI Latin Fusion: Salsa Christmas party!!

19.05 UK / 21.05 FI Reggaeton Choreo ( dance from last week)


17.45 UK / 19.45 FI Musical Madness and Core workout! Totally dance cardio and core class 75 min!! 🤶Sunday

DANCE MARATHON!! DO one or all!!

OUR OFFICIAL CHRISTMAS PARTY!! Dress for Christmas theme!!!

16.00 UK / 18.00 FI Street dance party! 17.00 UK/ 19.00 FI Reggaeton Madness!!

18.00 UK /20.00 FI 3o min Body and mind UNWINDing class.

Let´s shake those winter blues away!!!


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