#11 week : Summer Online Live training

10th week Celebrations behind and it was great week with you all! Thanks so much for joining the classes and also dressing up!! Have to say that 10 weeks ago I didn't really believe I would still be doing these classes... But what they have mostly taught me is that how amazing feeling it is after every class to experience people coming together from different countries. For that moment we all are connected! These 10 weeks my full time work has been running these classes, lots of hours in front of computer promoting, updating and informing all, lots of hours choreographing and planing classes and lots of hours editing videos and downloading them up for you all. It all is forth it when I hear


IT´S OUR 10TH WEEK WITH ONLINE LIVE CLASSES!! AND ALSO I HAVE NOW TAUGHT 100 OF ONLINE LIVE CLASSES! It's time to celebrate and do something special! See the schedule below, all the classes have color themes! Dress up & dance in style! Every class is our party! Or just were what ever you feel comfortable! Every class one lucky one will win my African pattern earrings and one will win a free Membership for June! Also for Saturday we will have a special event: Life Drawing meets Storytelling. Two models and many poses! CLICK here to the website and book your free ticket. https://www.piritatuisku.com/event-details/life-drawing-storytelling-session For Members this week will be a 7 days Body&Min

My story with Crohn´s

This week on 19th of May 2020 was world IBD day. IBD means Inflammatory Bowel Disease, two main forms of these diseases are Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Few weeks back I saw in Crohn´s and Colotis Finnish organizations Facebook page a question for users to share their stories how this disease had affected on their work. It really got me thinking, how this has really effected me and my work. And I though I will share my story for you all. Hoping this will raise awareness about the disease, 4 years ago even I didn't have any clue what this is. And sometimes I feel it's hard to understand this disease because it is invisible to see outside. I got diagnosed 4 years ago, just before I

#9th week with Online Live classes

It is crazy to think we are going closer to 10th week with my online classes!! For this I have planed something extra for you all to experience, so keep your eye on new updates! If you have subscribed the newsletter or you are already the member, you will get notification from these news straight away when they are published. I TRULY BELIEVE WE ALL NEED SOMETHING NEW TO CELEBRATE AND OH BOY I HAVE SOMETHING GREAT COMING UP!! I am so excited and looking forward to see you all in the classes! Have a look for the schedule for next week and the news for Membership. My goal is still continuing to create more classes and videos for you to do on times that suits better for you, so all of you will b

#8th week with Online Live classes

Again a great week behind with the classes! Dancing with many lovely people! Thanks to everyone who has been there during the past week. It has been lovely to see regulars as well some new people too. Now just really looking forward again for a new week and all new things I have been working on for you all to experience! Now just have a look the schedule below and would really appreciate for all your answer in the survey! And don't forget to sign up as a member! You will get more 30 min online dance and workout videos. All this is free! Online Survey from the classes We are starting now 8th week with classes and would love to hear you experiences and feedback. This research will help me to u

7th online live class schedule

7th week starting with online live classes and really looking forward a new week. Here is little bit more about the schedule and the class plans, hope to see you the classes! I am recommending to book advance, so you all all set for that day. Bookings will close 5 min before the class starts. All classes suit for all levels from youth dancers to adults. Wednesday 6.5.2020 17.00 UK Contemporary class 60 min full release based technical exercises and learning short new choreo. Thursday 7.5.2020 17.00 UK Latin fusion We will dive again more to Bachata and Samba. Friday 8.5.2020 17.00 UK Musical dance goes again Eurovision!! We had great party last week, excited to repeat and dive it into furth

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