JULY NEWS AND UPDATES THROUGH DANCE VIDEOS, ENJOY!! :) Thank you is not enough for you all who have been in the classes! JULY TRAINING Book your classes here: https://www.piritatuisku.com/book-online 1. INDIVIDUAL BOOKINGS If you just wish to do the Online Live Classes now and then, just book them as normal from the booking site. 2.MEMBERSHIP MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FOR £20 If you do even one or more classes in a week, I recommend the Membership. The membership is only valid one month and then you can choose again do you wanna buy a new month or perhaps just individual bookings. How to get it: 1. YOU CAN DO THAT IN EVERY PAGE ON THE RIGHT CORNER IN THE YELLOW BOX. Creating a member page and when

#14 week Online Live Classes 22/6-28/6/2020

Have you been enjoying the classes so far? I am still looking forward to hear your experiences, you have now even more chances to leave your feedback! 1. In the Booking site, there is form for leaving feedback. 2. Click and leave your comment in the Facebook page. 3. Or click to the survey. YOUR OPNION MATTERS! Tell me how has it been? I have really been enjoying spending my weeks with you all! Thanks again for great week with dancing with me! I have made a new post about your Survey Feedback and my journey with Online Live classes. Have a look what others has shared. Click here. Going through your feedback and messages I have been working on making this Summer Online Training program b

My journey with Online Live Classes and feedback from the survey

When lockdown started and all my work stopped, I also stopped after having really busy start of the year. Stopped to have a time to myself and thinking about my work as much as everything else that has been happening. Work has always meant to me a lot, but dance is not just work for me, it's a way of life. I know that sounds cliche, but it's true. :) So really soon after lockdown started, my thoughts went to how can I continue my work and how could I also help people to go through this awful time? (I am sorry if there is any misspellings, I have hard dyslexia. And sorry for this longer post.. ) Whole of my life dancing has always been the one that kept me going forward. So for having the ple

#13 week Online Live Classes 15/6-21/6/2020

First week done with our Summer Online training! Great to start this Summer with you all! So much positive energy going around in the classes! You are amazing! We also did our second Online Live performance on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who joined with us. I will be making a video from it this week. For our first week of starting the Summer Online Training, hope was a big word in my mind for the whole week and I found this quote (you can see it end of this post). It gave me a lot of positive energy. By doing the classes for 10 weeks for free, starting my own Online Live training program is like a dive into unknown. How everything will go? Will this work? I hope it will and I have made my m

#12 week : Summer Online Training

11 weeks done and it has really taught me a lot! Firstly I really wanna thank everyone who has been in the classes! It is priceless in theses times to feel that we all are connected and that I can still continue my work even in shielding. Seeing you in there it always makes me so happy!! Thank you! <3 I am putting more data together to open the feedback and the survey answers. Sorry it is taking more time that I thought, I was hoping to get it for this week. I will post it soon, so all you can see the answers. I would like to give something extra for all that did the survey. If you did it, email me and I will send you more information. In here Scotland I believe our dance schools will not be

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