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#24th week with Online Live Classes: Cardio Week

August program done! And it has been great to hear your feedback that you have been enjoying this 4 week system. And want to send a big hug to all who have been in the classes or been doing the classes from the recording! It is amazing feeling, that I can share my practice and my time to you all! <3

It is crazy to think we are already starting 24th week with Online Live classes! I have been doing lots of reflection through this time and like I have said before I don't think I would have started these classes if there wouldn't have been pandemic. But I am so pleased many of you have been enjoying them!! My goal have always been in my work that I can make a difference through it, hoping to help people to achieve their goals, through dance taking care of mental and physical health. And I really hope I can continue this with you all for in the future as well. Classes been little bit more quite and been thinking do we need to make some chances or if people are getting tired with online live classes. But there is many of you who come from other countries as well and I know we might not be back in studios normally any time soon. As much as I miss seeing you all physically as well, seems this might not happen any time soon. So of course I hope I can continue working with you all through these classes. I will look things monthly for now and see how things progress. Hopefully I can keep on dancing with you and we can keep on moving forward together.

Now before we start a new September program, we will go for one week special CARDIO WEEK!! Week with charging every ones batteries and feel re-energize for new month! You can also now get a week pass for this! Come a long and get re-energized!

Don't forget our DANCE AT HOME community in private Facebook group!

We have now our own community group. This only for people who come to the classes. We can there discuss of our experiences, what will happen next, sharing more also some background info from styles. I will this month also share there little videos for some technic tips and this month is about getting to know each other. :)

Please click this link and request to be part and I will let you in the group.



18.00 UK Ballet workout

Let´s make those legs work!! Great workout class!!


18.00 UK Musical Madness

Let´s see how many short parts our previous dances we can do in 1 hour!!


18.00 UK Latin Fusion

This is truly a class for latin lovers! 1 Hour full of latin music and booty shaking moves!!


17.00 UK Street dance party!!

Time to dive into our dances what have done before and party with them for 1 hour!!


17.00 UK Reggaeton / Dancehall party!!

It´s not written there but we have Reggaeton and Dancehall party!! You don't want to miss this!!

18.15 UK Body & Mind class

Great end of the day practice to get your body and mind ready for next week!

New Month About To Start!! Are You Ready? Wishing you amazing September!!

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