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We had blast starting out first week! But don´t worry if you missed the start you still can join the classes! Never too late to continue dancing! :)

It has also been lovely to get new people joining the classes as well! Thank you all for this week! <3

Remember even if you are not able to come to the classes you can always do them from the recordings. I really loved this message I got this week ->

So even if you miss the classes, you can always catch up with them from the recordings!

Now towards new week! This week our Changing class will be Ballet Barre!! If you still want to join the Contemporary dance course, don't forget to send me email and I will book that for you! All other classes you can just book weekly.

Don't forget our DANCE AT HOME community in private Facebook group!

We have now our own community group. This only for people who come to the classes. We can there discuss of our experiences, what will happen next, sharing more also some background info from styles. I will this month also share there little videos for some technic tips and this month is about getting to know each other. :)

Please click this link and request to be part and I will let you in the group.



18.00 UK Contemporary dance course!!

Taking our learning to the next stage. Sign up for the 4 weeks short course and get better on your technic.

Even if you miss the class some weeks you get the class recording. From this 4 week you will also see your own progress more.

End of this 4 weeks all in Edinburgh we will have Flashmop/ video event in Edinburgh (depending on the current situation might be we would go dancing outside in place we can keep distance and making more a dance video from this). All those who are elsewhere, you have chance to be part of it as well! With my instructions filming it in your own locations.But don´t worry this video is extra for those who want the extra challenge for this month. But you can still participate the whole course and get better on your technic.



For this September we have a changing class, doing every week classes you have wishes from the survey as well. From Afrobeats, Ballet Barre, Reggaeton EXTRA class, Musical dance.



18.00 UK Latin Fusion

September focus will be Cha Cha Cha and every week doing shorter dance from Merenque, Bachata and Jive. Come and dive deeper into Cha Cha Cha!


10.30 UK Body & Mind Class

Come and start your day with a re-energizing practice to open those thighs muscles and making that core stronger!

Focusing this month on CORE as well.

17.00 UK Street Styles

People have wishes more Commercial and your wishes are now answered! this month our main focus is in Commercial word! Every week chancing choreography!


17.00 UK Reggaeton

September Reggaeton focus goes into rotations and how that comes in few basic movements. We will ever week doing a shorter dance in the beginning to focus more in the rotations. And in the end for 4 weeks building longer choreography.

Which you have chance also be part of the dance video project! Wherever you are you can perform the dance and be part of the video!

But don´t even if you don´t wanna be part of the video, you will have now chance to build up your Reggaeton dancing skill by learning the choreography every week in parts and getting more dancing it not just thinking steps.


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