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Me & Yoga

Me and Yoga

Like so many things has run through my mind during this crazy period. So has my relationship with Yoga.

Since young age I came interested of yoga as a part of my training. Felt I became connected with my body & found more clear mindset.

Have done a lot of different shorter courses and longer courses and been teaching a lot of different classes over decade. Through out my own training I have also done a lot own research and training what works for my body & mind. But just didn’t know which box to put myself & I had a feeling I should put myself on some box..What yoga I do? Do another course for it, but which one? I felt I am not flexible enough or philosophical enough..

I felt I have learned so much from all wonderful teacher I have had & from my physiotherapist who has taken care of my body since I was 13 years old. Went through a journey what has worked for my body, even when I injured my shoulder.

Then I found Aerial Yoga. And all just clicked. This is me! I build it on my own way & in my own studio. My studio was the first Aerial Yoga studio up north in Finland. I was so happy on that time. After every class as well doing my own practice my heart was so full of joy and love. Then came time this all changed..

Changing times made me question again where is my place again with this. I still love Aerila yoga & I have found my way with it.

Yoga is still big part of my own training, but still I feel the same as I felt younger.. Definitely I have found the ways that work for my body and mind. During the lockdown I started to do my own Online Live Class called Body & Mind. Again my heart filled up so much so joy after every class.

So thinking over all my relationship with yoga... I love that it’s a journey that teaches me every day! Always chance to learn more, also for my body that also keeps changing.. I’m not saying I am old..but not 20 anymore.. :D So does my body and mind asks different things. All that I have learned these years is to listen...Listen what it asks me to do and I feel lucky I have learned many different methods to answer those requests.

I as a teacher I always hope to share others what I have learned and help them find what works for them. Teaching Body & Mind class now filleds my heart with joy!

If you are interested of my class, I have a class still every Saturday 10.30 am UK.

(We don't use the wheel in the classes.)

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