Ready or not?

Word ready has come up so many times last seven months that I have been living in Edinburgh. Even making these my lovely new website I have been thinking can I publish, is it ready? Why we keep asking and thinking is everything ready? Is it ready that I can show it everyone? Am I ready to this journey? Why we need to be ready? Are we ever ready? Do we need to be ready? So many questions from one word. But even in the buss today I noticed it has a great meaning to me. The one word READY. As a woman I´m going throw a journey that has had so many chances past years. I have been telling many times after my Aerial yoga class in end meditation; "Chances just not appear, they come when you ready t

Finge 2016, Thank you!

It´s true!!! I´m here!! And straight way when I landed here I started the whole madness. :) Have to say that is little bit sad that the August is already behind us, but it was the best start of my new life in Edinburgh! Everything happened so fast that just after that month I noticed that I haven´t even write anything into my blog.. So here is some update on Fringe 2016! Straight way I landed here was first meting with other DEBS ( Happily I can now tell you all that I´m a one of the new DEBS at Dance Base! I will tell you soon more about that. :) But really I came straight way to Dance Base from airport and watched many dance perf

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