#28th week, Last week for the SEPTEMBER BLOCK

ONE MORE TO GO!! Where did the time go!! :D WOULD you like to take your dancing in the next level? I have still 7 places for the Get Your Groove Back!! Only group I will start for this year!! 100 % my first group have recomended it to you all who really wants to get more confident and just GETTING your groove back! This is last chance to get in with 1 to 1 coaching and with a discount for as the second group. Also for our group they will get new No Mistakes t-shirt! Don't miss this unique chance now! Applications closes on 30th of September. Click here and apply: https://fi.piritatuisku.com/getyourgrooveback What is happening this week: -Wednesday 6 pm changing class is MUSICAL DANCE PARTY

Groove Back Challenge sixth & last week

Group has finished their Groove Back Challenge! What we have learned, what happened? It has been fantastic journey! As much as they have learned about themselves through these weeks, I have learned a lot too. One of the biggest take away I have got from this 6 weeks is the chance I have seen from them. When we was watching the last weeks videos and having our last coaching time, we all noticed they really have 100 % achieved their goals they set up from themselves from the start and even more!! But mostly just watching from their videos from last week to compare them to the first week, the chance was huge!!! Felt like we were watching a different ladies! I was just so happy for them! A lot o


Two more weeks left of this September block and this week we have a chance over with most of the classes. Still time to jump into the classes. Time flies when you are having fun in amazing company!! <3 Thank you all!! What is happening this week: -Wednesday changing class is REGGAETON/DANCEHALL 6 pm -Thursday Latin Fusion will have Merenque and starting new Cha Cha Cha choreo 6 pm. -Saturday Body &Mind every week taking care of your body & mind as a whole package 10.30 am. -Saturday Street Styles starting new Commercial Lady style Choreo!! Let´s get Sassy!! -Sunday Reggaeton last two weeks diving into the main choreo and having every week little different dance about Rotations. Lots of fun


We had blast starting out first week! But don´t worry if you missed the start you still can join the classes! Never too late to continue dancing! :) It has also been lovely to get new people joining the classes as well! Thank you all for this week! <3 Remember even if you are not able to come to the classes you can always do them from the recordings. I really loved this message I got this week -> So even if you miss the classes, you can always catch up with them from the recordings! Now towards new week! This week our Changing class will be Ballet Barre!! If you still want to join the Contemporary dance course, don't forget to send me email and I will book that for you! All other classes you

Me & Yoga

Me and Yoga Like so many things has run through my mind during this crazy period. So has my relationship with Yoga. Since young age I came interested of yoga as a part of my training. Felt I became connected with my body & found more clear mindset. Have done a lot of different shorter courses and longer courses and been teaching a lot of different classes over decade. Through out my own training I have also done a lot own research and training what works for my body & mind. But just didn’t know which box to put myself & I had a feeling I should put myself on some box..What yoga I do? Do another course for it, but which one? I felt I am not flexible enough or philosophical enough.. I felt I h


SEPTEMBER IS HERE!!! I am so excited that I can't stay in one place!! Want to jump around!! Thanks to everyone who joined me on my Cardio week, some classes felt I might die... :D But It was so much fun!! Perhaps repeating it sometime again! After really carefully going through all the feedback I have made us a schedule for next 4 weeks block. I was really happy to read that this 4 weeks block is working for you and hearing you guys want to do more Commercial styles and more Reggaeton as well. This will happen! :) I am always wanting to bring something new and develop the program for you all! So for this month the new things are Contemporary dance course and Changing class! Contemporary danc

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