#24th week with Online Live Classes: Cardio Week

August program done! And it has been great to hear your feedback that you have been enjoying this 4 week system. And want to send a big hug to all who have been in the classes or been doing the classes from the recording! It is amazing feeling, that I can share my practice and my time to you all! <3 It is crazy to think we are already starting 24th week with Online Live classes! I have been doing lots of reflection through this time and like I have said before I don't think I would have started these classes if there wouldn't have been pandemic. But I am so pleased many of you have been enjoying them!! My goal have always been in my work that I can make a difference through it, hoping to hel

Groove Back Challenge fifth week

Get your Groove back challengers are having their last weeks in this challenge. It is crazy how fast time has went. Even they feel time has gone fast. This week we have been looking back again the videos they have done from their 5th week as well the previous weeks. Seeing the difference how much the movement has progressed from the week one. And it has been great to hear how much they already feel the difference and now also see it from the videos. One funny thing seems to be happening with everyone especially with Reggaeton dance videoing, they are not staying any more even in the picture fully.. :D First videos the dance was really almost in one place and now it feels they have got more c

#23 Fourth August Training Week

Going towards last week for our August Online Live Class program I just wanna really thank everyone who has been in the classes! And also filled up the online Survey! This really helps me to plan now further with the classes! Thank you all! The lucky winner for the T-Shirt is Charmaine!! DON´T WORRY if you didn´t win the T-Shirt, now you have a chance to buy it!! I will collect orders this week and make the order next Monday! I am ordering them from a local small company, support local business. 97 Black Edinburgh Print Shop will be making us these lovely T-Shirts. How to make this order is to click to this link: https://piritatuisku.typeform.com/to/pkSXzut1 And make your order, you can stra

Groove Back Challenge fourth week

Get your Groove back challengers have now done their fourth week!! Few more weeks left and I have a feeling this week has been like a reflection week. Reflecting what we saw in the videos week before and doing the classes with a new focus. Each and everyone of these lovely ladies has their own goals, but also really common goal is to get more confident in dancing and understanding more what works for them and how to keep on dancing what ever happen, finding dance part of their lifestyle as well. And these are all the reason I wanted to build this training program. This 6 weeks dives into the over all principles in dance, understanding leg alignments and how to feel grounded, Core support as

#22 Third August Training Week

Two more weeks left from August program, it has been really fun! I have feeling we have just went more deeper in every styles and having out own party in every class. :) Thanks to you all!!! For now up coming week we will start new dances in every class. Almost all classes have more new styles vibes. Latin Fusion more Modern Samba song, Musical dance little bit more New musical vibes (keeping it as a surprise!) , Street styles had New style hip hop theme and Reggaeton has a new sounds as well! Exciting new week to start! ALSO THIS WEEK IS FEEDBACK TIME!! Please just click this HERE and fill up quick survey about the classes. Make your wishes for the new month! Our own DANCE AT HOME community

Groove Back Challenge third week

Get your Groove back challengers have now done their third week!! This week has really been a week with big moments! One part of this challenge is the 1 to 1 coaching we have every week. On these coaching times we are going through their progress, focusing everyone's individual goals and making the schedule for the next week how to to the classes. One part have also been filming their one Contemporary dance exercise and the Reggaeton dance. They filmed first once in the first week and now second once in this week. On this weeks coaching we have been looking into those videos, what we have learned and where to focus next. The biggest take away from this week has been how much these wonderful

#21 Second August Training Week

HUGE THANKS TO ALL THAT CAME ON THE FIRST WEEK! It was so much fun to dress up again and party with you all! Have to say it was a amazing new start of August Online training! Always it just mades my day to be dancing with you all!! The earrings won in the classes: -Renata -Mia -Nikki -Maria -Marja -Jenny -Sophie And with everyone who joined the classes this week I did a draw to see who will win the "There are no mistakes ..." T-shirt!! AND THE LUCKY ONE WAS EMILY!! This T-shirt will be in sale also end of this month! If you missed the start of our new program! Don't worry you still have time to catch up with the classes! This up coming week is second for our new program do you still have

Groove Back Challenge second week

Get your Groove back challengers have now done their second week!! Already noticing how fast the time is really going. Trying to remind them to enjoy every moment of it! I think for this second week the big take away has really been to see how much this training can really give for them and not just thinking of dancing but life generally. We have been working on the important sides like leg alignments and now also finding the support from the core, and these are also so important in every day life. So I am really happy to hear from them, that this is making impact on their life on the general level as well. I believe dance can give so unique and amazing effects on everyone lives, especially

Groove Back Challenge first week

This challenge/ training program has been something I have been thinking long time, this lockdown showed me away to move forward. My goal is to keep on dancing till I am 100 and hope to help other people to achieve that as well! After working over 15 years with amazing people and learned so much through my own training as well, I had a feeling this is now the time to but everything in one place. AND now we have started our journey with my first group!! 7 lovely ladies from Scotland, Finland and Italy and all from different backgrounds but they all have similar goals and the same energy around them! Here you can see our Class photo! 1. class 2020: Emmeline Aves, Benedetta Zanetti, Hannah Norf

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