#9th week with Online Live classes

May 17, 2020

It is crazy to think we are going closer to 10th week with my online classes!! For this I have planed something extra for you all to experience, so keep your eye on new updates! If you have subscribed the newsletter or you are already the member, you will get notification from these news straight away when they are published. 


I TRULY BELIEVE WE ALL NEED SOMETHING NEW TO CELEBRATE AND OH BOY I HAVE SOMETHING GREAT COMING UP!! I am so excited and looking forward to see you all in the classes!


Have a look for the schedule for next week and the news for Membership. 

My goal is still continuing to create more classes and videos for you to do on times that suits better for you, so all of you will be able to take care of your body and mind!

Practices that will motivate, inspire and re-energize you for everything that is coming up!


Hopefully I will see you in the classes and please invite your friends and family members to join as well. 




Online Survey from the classes


Thanks already to all that have answered the questions! This is really helping me to understand better the effects on the classes and continue to develop my work. Especially when I have been thinking does people still enjoy the classes.


The survey is still open, please feel free to answer them even on this week. Would be great more answers.

I really appreciate your help on this and all the support! 


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9th weeks schedule


Book your classes here: https://www.piritatuisku.com/book-online




20.5.2020 Wednesday 





17.15 UK Contemporary danc. Lots of technical 

exercises as well learning a choreo.



21.5.2020 Thursday 

17.15 UK Latin Fusion

With Salsa and Cha cha cha