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Groove Back Challenge fourth week

Get your Groove back challengers have now done their fourth week!! Few more weeks left and I have a feeling this week has been like a reflection week. Reflecting what we saw in the videos week before and doing the classes with a new focus.

Each and everyone of these lovely ladies has their own goals, but also really common goal is to get more confident in dancing and understanding more what works for them and how to keep on dancing what ever happen, finding dance part of their lifestyle as well. And these are all the reason I wanted to build this training program.

This 6 weeks dives into the over all principles in dance, understanding leg alignments and how to feel grounded, Core support as well the placements for shoulder blades. Having better connection in your body and mind. And what ever dance style you do, doing it safely. Se we can keep on dancing till we 100. I know there is a lot of information and some moments the challengers are getting little bit overwhelmed to get it all done in this 6 weeks. This week I have been reminding all to take baby steps, focusing on one thing at the time, which feels harder and then continuing from there. This 6 weeks challenge is something I recommend to repeat at least twice back to back, to really get forward with all elements and noticing your progress. Building their confident block by block. And remembering that it is also taking the pressure away from themselves. But that's how we are right? When we understand something, we straight away want to learn the next thing. Sometimes we just need to step one step at the time and take it slower and giving yourself time.

Over all it feels it has been great week again and many new things has popped up for them. They also started to notice difference in their bodies as well. I am really happy where we are and where we are going towards. Now then last two weeks, excited for it. Lets see what next week will bring for them.

If you have any questions from this program, let me know.

Keep on dancing and have fun with it!

Talk to you soon again!


Groove Back Challenge 1. class 2020

1. class 2020: Emmeline Aves, Benedetta Zanetti, Hannah Norfolk, Saara Jantunen, Jenna Pihkapuro, Valeria Levi and Jenny Laahs.

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