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#30th week New Autumn block & Celebration week

It's starting now!!!! 30th week with online live classes!! I want to send a big hug to all that has been in the classes! Could not do this with out you! <3

I have a gifts for you!! Firstly everyone who renews their Membership this month and gets a friend to join as well, you will get a Private class!! You can use it yourself or give it as a gift! (Great Christmas present as well! ;) ) Secondly I want to give 3 of my Jewellery for 3 lucky once who has an active Membership! I will have a draw for the lucky once on Sunday!! So look that you have active Membership before then. :)

Now for this week, we are starting our new Autumn block! Exciting block coming up!! Lots of new things happening again!!

This week we will have two extra classes as well to see if it is something you are interested to do more. Have a look below the schedule and get the October starting!!

OCTOBER WILL BE OUR #inspiringothers month!

What this means?

Get your friend to activate a Membership and you will get a Private class with me!! (valid for £150) It can be someone who old or new to my classes. (If it's someone who have been in the classes or perhaps even had Membership, but haven't had that valid for 2 months) Inspire others to join with you!

How this works? 1. Get your friend to activate the membership.

2. Let me know who inspired who.

3. I will be in touch with you and you can have a private class with me. Using this before end on January 2021.

Someone new to my classes: 1. You can get them to join the class for free with you! (1 H classes, not for Marathons) 2. They book their own place, no payment! 3. Write in the notes Who isnpired you to come in the class. 4. If they join after that for the Membership you get the private class!

FOR THE PRIVATE CLASS: You decided what you want to do with that! As a gift to someone, use your own or with a group! Your choice!

YOU DON´T NEED TO BE A PROFESSIONAL DANCER TO TRAIN LIKE ONE! Level up with your dancing! I have still space for the Get Your Groove Back!! Only group I will start for this year!! 100 % my first group have recomended it to you all who really wants to get more confident and just GETTING your groove back! This is last chance to get in with 1 to 1 coaching and with a discount for as the second group. Also for our group they will get new No Mistakes t-shirt! Don't miss this unique chance now! Contact me quickly and we could get you started!

Autumn block 🌷Tuesday 6 pm Changing Class with Musical Jazz dance


5 pm Kids Street dance (extra class this week)

6 pm Contemporary dance course

7.15 pm Reggaeton (extra class this week) 45 min

🌷Thursday 6 pm Latin Fusion with Salsa and Jive.


10.30 am Body & Mind

4 pm Street Styles goals Fusion style


6 pm Reggaeton


In our group more dance style background and chance to ask questions and see more videos.

In the group also how to videos. Sign up here:

Last week I updated you on this! Still time to order if you want your own T-shirt!!


If yes!!

I will make another order soon and have some sizes already ready!

Email me which size and model you want! £15 + £3 delivery

Here you can see the sizes:

No Mistake T-Shirt
Download PDF • 2.10MB

Wishing you all wonderful new week!!


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