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#21 Second August Training Week

HUGE THANKS TO ALL THAT CAME ON THE FIRST WEEK! It was so much fun to dress up again and party with you all! Have to say it was a amazing new start of August Online training! Always it just mades my day to be dancing with you all!!

The earrings won in the classes:

-Renata -Mia


-Maria -Marja



And with everyone who joined the classes this week I did a draw to see who will win the "There are no mistakes ..." T-shirt!! AND THE LUCKY ONE WAS EMILY!!

This T-shirt will be in sale also end of this month!

If you missed the start of our new program! Don't worry you still have time to catch up with the classes! This up coming week is second for our new program do you still have plenty time to join us! It's never too late to join! If you are interested about the Membership, contact Pirita (

This second week we will also have an extra class for Sunday Ballet Barre is 5.15 pm.

Our own DANCE AT HOME community is built in private Facebook group!

We have now our own community group. This only for people who come to the classes. We can there discuss of our experiences, what will happen next, sharing more also some background info from styles. And this community is there for you all get more support when you need it to keep on going. There will be more about the dance history side as well.

Please click this link and request to be part and I will let you in the group.


THESE ARE OUR MAIN CLASSES FOR THE WHOLE 4 WEEKS! And also there will be Ballet barre every other week as well Dance fitness. So just keep your eyes open for extra classes every week as well!


17.30 UK Latin fusion Focus on SAMBA. But every week also a different style to warm us up and keeping mind fresh on the other styles as well. Getting that Samba technic clear for you and every two weeks chancing the main choreography.


17.30 UK Contemporary dance

FIRST 3 WEEKS focusing more on the technic and out turn especially. The last week we will do a choreography.

18.45-19.15 UK CORE WORKOUT 30 min

This workout class will have every two weeks chancing exercises. To get stronger core for you all in this August! More Pilates and functional training methods.


17.30 UK Musical Dance

With our Musical dance we will do two different Musicals theme over the 4 weeks and the focus on the technic side is turnings, and this has lots of levels from not turning and getting stronger supporting legs to do different turns.


10.30 UK Body & Mind Class

Our Body & Mind class will have also chancing class plan every two weeks. Main focus areas we will have will be Back and Hips.

More influenced from Yoga as well pilates.

16.00 UK Street Style These 4 week´s we will dive further in Hip Hop, finding that bounce and balance between strong and soft movements for two different Hip Hop choreographs we will be doing. These Choreographies will chance every two weeks.


16.00 UK Reggaeton

With Reggaeton class over the 4 weeks we will have looking into Shaking in different rhythms and dynamics. As well chancing the main choreography every two weeks.

THIS WEEK ALSO 17.15 pm Ballet Barre!!



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