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Groove Back Challenge first week

This challenge/ training program has been something I have been thinking long time, this lockdown showed me away to move forward. My goal is to keep on dancing till I am 100 and hope to help other people to achieve that as well! After working over 15 years with amazing people and learned so much through my own training as well, I had a feeling this is now the time to but everything in one place.

AND now we have started our journey with my first group!! 7 lovely ladies from Scotland, Finland and Italy and all from different backgrounds but they all have similar goals and the same energy around them! Here you can see our Class photo! 1. class 2020: Emmeline Aves, Benedetta Zanetti, Hannah Norfolk, Saara Jantunen, Jenna Pihkapuro, Valeria Levi and Jenny Laahs.

Groove Back Challenge 1. class 2020

We have had now our first week! -First week with the classes from my new app.

-First week individual coaching.

-First week getting to also know each other in the group.

It has been really inspiring to see already what everyone has learned and has their ahaa moment during this week. This week we have been focusing on leg alignments and dived into Contemporary Dance, Reggaeton and Hip hip as our drop in class.

I am so happy that already we are getting results from this training. I can't wait what we will discover till the end!!!

I will open our journey here in the blog every week. The biggest thing I hoped to fix for all Dance lovers out there is the way to continue dancing no matter what will happen in life. I know it is sometimes hard to commit on class in studios or specific time. How could you still get the best training, best results, seeing the progress and keep on dancing. Now having the chance to do it through the app and online, would create that opportunity. Also in the app is the possibility to have it offline mode. What was great to hear also from this week from one of the ladies, she felt like I was still there dancing with her even though it was the class video. Something I have worked hard to get on the videos is the feeling for all my participants that they still feel I am there with them on that time. So I am really happy to hear this.

Of course the first week has been few technical hiccups, like my mic broke or just few hiccups with editing videos. But that's just life right. :D Every week I am learning more what works and what don't in every aspect. But that is how I see my work all the time, I never feel my work is done or finished. It's always chancing and growing, learning every day something new.

Now towards next week!

If you have any questions from this program, let me know.

Keep on dancing and have fun with it!

Talk to you soon again!


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