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Groove Back Challenge second week

Get your Groove back challengers have now done their second week!! Already noticing how fast the time is really going. Trying to remind them to enjoy every moment of it!

I think for this second week the big take away has really been to see how much this training can really give for them and not just thinking of dancing but life generally. We have been working on the important sides like leg alignments and now also finding the support from the core, and these are also so important in every day life. So I am really happy to hear from them, that this is making impact on their life on the general level as well.

I believe dance can give so unique and amazing effects on everyone lives, especially when we are doing it safely. Learning more about our own bodies, what works for us and what doesn´t. What also motivates and inspires us and what doesn't. That is Groove Back challenges! Learning more about yourself, the whole YOU. Keeping your body well to face any challenges in life, as well keeping your mind positive and energized. The physical and mental health in a good balance. And that is what I am seeing through these ladies already. Dance is giving them all different things, but mostly is the over all wellbeing.

Excited to go for the next new week!

If you have any questions from this program, let me know.

Keep on dancing and have fun with it!

Talk to you soon again!


Groove Back Challenge 1. class 2020

1. class 2020: Emmeline Aves, Benedetta Zanetti, Hannah Norfolk, Saara Jantunen, Jenna Pihkapuro, Valeria Levi and Jenny Laahs.

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